Drive up US RT 1 in Aroostook County and glance to the east for something very large, red and white.

Shortwave Radio Tower In Monticello Maine
International Super Shortwave Radio Station WBCQ Goes Live Sometime This Fall With A New Curtain Broadcast Tower In Fall Of 2018!

Over toward the province of New Brunswick Canada in the distance. Take a peek out over the right hand side of the highway to see the new shortwave radio antenna dominating the landscape. With a large red and white center tube on the bottom, the wide tall antenna array in the same two color scheme on the top is hard to miss. It could be mistaken for the super structure used to attach to a modern drive in movie theatre outdoor silver screen.

Short Wave Radio Station WBCQ
WBCQ”s New Super Sized International Radio Station Broadcast Complex In Monticello ME, Aroostook County.

The International super station under construction in Monticello Maine on the Britton or East Road by WBCQ will wire the huge antennae system when completed to relay the power of a new 500 kilowatt short wave radio transmitter.

The unique curtain radio broadcast tower came over from Switzerland. The count down to throwing the switch to go on air live is expected in the fall of 2018.

The signal transmission broadcast funded by private investors aims to promote free speech. By adjusting the powerful shortwave radio signal beamed from the super station antenna, the press release I read claimed the ability to reach any country in the World when the station is operational.

wbcq radio station tower studio photo
Getting Ready To Go Live, WBCQ Short Wave International Super Radio Station In Aroostook County Maine Is Under Construction!

The powerful signal, the programming all interest this Maine blogger. The ability to transmit thousands of miles from the small Northern Maine town of Monticello is followed with keen interest. Had early involvement with radio broadcasting before the switch to real estate listing twisting selling. Read more about the historic WLW AM radio station that was pumping out 50 kilowatts back in 1932. WLW was more than a local radio station, broadcast at 700 on the AM dial. Check out that antenna design and size with this WLW radio broadcast tower photo collection.

The Cincinnati Ohio broadcast facility’s propagation area covered much of the United States making it a one of a kind signal power house. With it’s first of it’s kind power and antenna combination that made radio history until the plug on so much power and signal strength was pulled.

Stay tuned for more developments on this exciting broadcasting project in Northern Maine. WBCQ is the brain child of long time Maine radio broadcaster Allan Weiner. The reach of the new 500 KW transmitter broadcasting from elevated land in Northern ME to points around the globe is big news when protecting free speech. There was a transoceanic radio relay telephone station in the Houlton area used back in the 1930’s that still has evidence of it’s two mile long radio system when we list and tramp woodlots in the Southern Aroostook County area.

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