Things to do for fun in Maine, is the list the same for everyone?

No. Heck no. But there are some common requests or desires when someone is lucky enough to be able to spend time in Maine on vacation. And often a few vacation to Maine visits then suddenly you find yourself moving, relocating to Vacationland.

So what are a few of the many things to do for fun in Maine?

Look back over your shoulder on this Me In Maine blog for past posts to mine. Seems like everyone though crossing the big green bridge at the south end of Maine is hankering to see a moose. Where are they hiding, where do they hang out is a common query. Are they dangerous? As long as you don’t meet a Maine moose late at night on a pitch black Maine roadway they are not. Pretty docile.

maine moose baxter state park
Meet The Locals At Baxter State Park! Mister Moose May Continue To Eat, Ignore You Or Could Smile For The Kodak Moment. Everyone Wants, Needs To See A Moose When They Visit Maine.

So where to see a Maine moose to snap a picture for the album back home of memory making while on vacation? I see one moose a lot on a farm I own west of Houlton Maine on US Route 2. Not every state has a population of moose and unless you are making the long haul to Alaska, it is pretty neat to be able to be where these giant, gentle animals roam.

During hunting season with the Maine moose lottery for whatever zone you get your name pulled out of the hat, you don’t see so many live ones. Lots of dead moose being bagged, tagged, weighed in on the hoist block and tackle chain raised high. So hunting season in the fall might be the hardest time to see a live Maine while they are playing hide and stay alive. May through July is what the state inland and fisheries site says is the best time to spy with your little eye a Maine moose.

Where do you look in Maine for moose?

Again, you don’t want to run into one of these 1500 pound tall hood ornaments late at night. Drive with care around the highways. But look along the logging tote roads, the snow sled and ATV trails. The Maine moose is pretty big. Does not easily eye through the needle the thick woodlots the state is famous for that account for over ninety percent of the Pine Tree State.

maine black bears
Searching For A Snack. Shy Maine Black Bears Shake Off Hibernation And Become More Social.

Marshy places around Baxter State Park as you head in to hike up Mount “K”. That is another place you will see Maine moose during meal time.

Linking up with a woods camp operator to hunt with your camera and not anything with one or two barrels could save time. If seeing a Maine moose has to happen quickly because your time in the state is limited.

Maine has an estimated 75,000 moose for wildlife neighbors. Avoid getting between a mother cow and her Maine moose calf. There is nothing stronger than a maternal instinct no matter what species, with zero, two, four or more legs.

And a male during mating season can be a little feisty. His mind is on other things, one other sole purpose that blanks out all the rest of his usually easy going disposition. He is courting and sparking full time. The romeo of the Maine forest woodlot with a lot of acreage to cover to find a mate to keep the species growing in Maine.

maine moose
Maine Moose Jogging By A Maple Syrup Tapped Grove. Spring Air Stirs The Wildlife.

The Golden Road, near Abol trail at Baxter, up the back way to access Aroostook County, Route 11. All are good places to increase the odds of seeing a Maine moose.

Around Sugarloaf USA ski area in the Carabassett Valley is another neat spot to snap shot a moose. Rangley Lakes, along Route 201 in Jackman from The Forks and the area surrounding Greenville, especially Route 15 are all prime time spots. To pull over, to park, wait, get your Maine moose shot to frame for over your fireplace mantel. More on spotting a Maine moose with the state tourism folks adding their two cents for suggestions.

Lots of cars pulled over is a good indication something for wildlife is now entertaining motorists. Could be a bald eagle, white tail deer, maybe a Maine moose. A timid Maine black bear not so much. Those you see signs of the party in the corn patch the night before but not up close and personal unless you are carrying a bag of jelly filled donuts. That brings them out of the woodwork. Or if like deer you turn them into welfare dependent with piles of feed grain for eye candy bait.

When you live in Maine part or full time, you see moose all over the place, round the clock.

On a Maine farm, you see signs of a moose that plowed through a back pasture. Maybe to court and spark with a cow because his vision is poor. Often a confused moose loses his bearings and heads into a population center. Gets lost and wanders into town. No one wants to see the confusion and feels for the animal so homely only a mother could love. The inland fisheries game warden, locals all try to herd not destroy the disoriented Maine moose back to the woods. The Maine moose who is not so used to streets and avenues, 7 11’s and Piggly Wiggly’s, the Circle K’s with neon lighting. To get them back hoofing the game trails around the rivers, ponds and lakes of Maine, it takes the village to help herd them into the familiar woods.

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