Like fresh cut Maine wildflowers, they don’t last long.

But Maine sunrises, sunsets unfold in spectacular ways. Where no single frame of them is enough to really transfer the what is going on.

Maine Sunrises, Sunsets Are Amazing.
They Start Slow And Build Like Fireworks Heading To The Finale.

The beginning and end of the days in Maine are always different. No two the same.

Because you and I grow and change, melt together. And thank goodness don’t stay in the same place.

Folks that are stuck and hopeless, helpless usually find most of the pain is caused by being trapped where they don’t want to be.

Crime, living in fear, not able to move without bothering someone who is hair trigger highly agitated.

Maine Sunrises, Sunsets
Sunrise, Begin The Day In Maine. All Of Them.

Maine is a place with space so you can spread out. Hear yourself think. To relax and breathe deeply.

Every day is a new day that we are glad, we do rejoice in it. Because it is not like this many other places.

Sampling the clean air and water.

Gathering as much eye candy of the all natural, unfiltered surroundings Maine is famous for and the big reason people keep coming back for more.

This kind of place does not only exist in fiction, in history or if you were on something mind altering.

It is real, constant and one of the best kept secrets that we aim to uncovered with our hunt and peck, picture posts.

It is why many consider moving to Maine full time.

After sampling, nibbling around the edges.

Of all the special places to run away to when you make time to explore and discover.

Maine Sunset On A Lake
Get To Maine. You Have No Idea What You Are Missing Staying Away.

She grabs your heart strings. Hard.

Tugs, takes over in a good way.

And you don’t mind in the least and know you are caught hook, line and sinker. Powerless to stay away.

You hear the click, feel the snap and know something major just happened that is hard to explain. The missing piece has been found. Your love affair with Maine builds.

But all you do is smile.

Feeling warm and special.

Inside, outside.

Neat, sweet and complete.

Maine Sunrises, Sunsets
Everyone A Different Experience, The Start, Ends Of Days.

Vacationland is scratched, pressed on to the bottom of most of our license plates for a reasons too.

So the simple things, like a Maine sunrise, sunsets. Start with those and realize they are over the top because you can experience them without the crowd of people.

Missing the noise, any interference that robs the take away. It transforms a person who is bone tired weary.

Don’t throw in that towel yet.

Or begin waving the white flag.

Maine, you might be staying away just a tad too long this last time.

Get here quick as you can and don’t be a stranger. Especially if you have never set foot in the great state of Maine

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker