Maine is a pretty neat space, place for all kinds of recreation.

Pick a season, you don’t need a reason to vacation in Maine. And to set up the tripod, lay down a rail, fire up a jib crane. To use Maine as a backdrop for making a movie in Maine. Like most places, Maine is trying to attract movie producers, directors to bring those scripts and actors across state lines.

Marshall Point Lighthouse, Port Clyde Maine
Port Clyde Maine’s Marshall Point Lighthouse. Pretty Any Seasons. No Tourists In Winter Under Cobalt Blue Skies. Sample Fresh Air, Snow And Sunshine.

Why the attractiveness of Maine to shoot a film?

Well for a movie set in a small sea coast town surroundings. Hard to duplicate that in a sky scrapper riddled urban area. Parking is no problem, neither is crime.

And the costs for production, putting up actors with lodging, working out the logistics is helped by the spirit of small Maine towns. Where everyone is used to pitching in, being helpful naturally.

Stephen King who lives with Tabitha, his wife, family in Bangor Maine knows the ropes first hand. Up close and personal. Growing up here and using the Pine Tree State as a movie setting. Or for developing film characters that were reborn, created in Maine. First in books, then transformed into a screen play. Adapted for a movie, for shooting a film here in Maine.

Here are some of the incentives for making a Maine movie up here in the upper right hand corner.

Sample a few of the films made, shot in Maine. Maine is a popular place for movies. For many looking for a Maine lighthouse, deep woods with a private cabin. Or a quiet lake setting or small Maine town to create the backdrop for a film creation. To develop the character written into the script that live there. Along with the locals that are some kind of proud. Of their small Maine town being chosen, to share it with others far away. Because some hollered “Lights, scene 105, quiet on the set, we have speed, sound, and action!”

Camden Maine was used as the setting for the 1957 Peyton Place movie.

Forrest Gump visited the Marshall Point Light in Port Clyde, Maine in 1994. If you watched Golden Pond, you’ve been to, seen Belgrade Lakes, Maine. Mel Gibson hung out for a movie production on the Maine coast too.

Maine, think of her for lots of things. Pssst, spread the word about what a classic spot Maine is for shooting a film, making a movie.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker