Marketing to more than just your own special tastes, it means seeing others out in the audience.

Because if you don’t, the following is small. Because last check, there are like colors in the rainbow a lot of distinct preferences for anything from music to food to where to vacation in Maine.

Sitting On A Maine Porch. Maine Is That.
All Year Long, Maine Is Outdoor Living.

Survey says (ding ding ding) not the same answer on the tip of your tongue.

Or held near and dear in your heart. And if you and I open up and try new things. To embrace, consider new ideas or approaches to anything in life, something special happens inside. You move from narrow, set in your ways and expecting others to tow the same thin line.

To let’s try something different. Even 180 polar opposite. Give it a shot, whirl. It snowballs. The spark catches fire and here we go for growth. Being able to accept easier other people’s viewpoints that are scattered in the wind that swirls around us.

Without taking it personal or figuring they are wrong. New ideas. Ones that are not your own. The answer to how you feel about much is life is not a yes or no, right or wrong answer. And toleration, patience, hear them out before you put up your hand in protest. Or say that would never work. To be a wet blanket, borderline Eeyore.

Ruts happen in life and routines can be easy to perform without thought.

But. What are you missing in the short journey in that dash between the when you are born, when you take that last ride.

Maine Small Town Living Is Simpler.
We Consume Less Power Here, Maine Is Ripe For Wind Electrical Generation For Other Hungry Consuming Markets.

The people you circle with in life and bump into is part of the let’s try something different or not. Traveling, reading, or just having a creative imagination all helps shake it up.

Open the doors and windows in your head and heart. To blow out the cobwebs.

And shift from talking about people you like or not to let’s share hopes, dreams, experiences.

To wow, see the bigger picture.

To solutions to make life better for you and those around you. Because it never goes away from making sure it is all about the greater good.

Outside yourself is where the enrichment, enjoyment is and Maine is a place with space to get blown away. Not caught up in your own problems and realize this too shall pass.

What are you venturing out into and enjoying that either never had time for or any inclination to try?

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker