So things are going along okay. The finest kind of situations and pretty even keeled living for you my friend.

Excellent. Good enough, glad to hear. Or do you seek to never get too comfortable? Not an Eeyore or malcontent but keep knitting on it. To peel back the layers. To expose, get to the heart of the matter of what is important. With as close to absolute clarity in your thinking, living as possible needed to do it.

Maine Is Small Cabin Wood's Living.
No Neighbors, The Wind In The Trees. Crunching Fresh Snow, Bringing In An Armful Of Stove Fire Wood.

So what level are you at?

How do you keep personal score to know if you are on track, waylaid or a few exits up the pike? To pause for refreshment, let go and relax along the way. But still in the background. Like a metronome you slide the weight up or down. To where you want it to counter balance and set the tempo. To keep, set the pace.

From where you want are now, wish to be, need to be to live life more fully. To improve all the complex relationships, the easy ones too. Not to just get by, or “game it”. Or to get complacent. Stay on a breezy ledge next to a scrub pine. Somewhere halfway up the winding mountain path. But to be more, live greater, love longer, deeper. You keep climbing.

In a game someone keeps score.

Complies with the rules or helps in bending them.

Maine Small Town Living.
Watering Holes, This Kind Horse Used In Market Square. Now Flowers Rent The Space.
There are win, place, draw results. Or buzzers. When it’s so sorry, parting gift loser pins, badges, ribbons time handed out. You stubbed your toe. Johnny, tell the studio and at home audience what we have for all the contestants heading out through the double steel doors to the parking lot today.

But the harshest judge can be yourself. Because like a healthy addiction that is fueled by a passion, thinking too hard is not an option. But cranking your head around, exceeding expectations takes awareness. Reshuffling the deck of priorities, responsibilities. To juggle all the objects all of us do and try to avoid dropping. Losing from the rotation.

Stripping away all that robs that 20-20 focus.

To close your eyes. Then clearly see, hear, feel, smell. Just overall sense which fork in the road ahead to take. To lean into. Trusting your gut. Having faith in yourself from experience recall about which certain puzzle pieces have a vaguely familiar shape to them.

Maine Coast Line Harbor Towns.
Maine Highways, Not The Only Access Route, Option. Float Your Boat. To A Safe Harbor Visit.

Seeking something much higher. Because eternity is a long time. The next stop in this dress rehearsal to practice. Run the drills, hear the whistles, lean back in the whirlpool or sauna. When another session is done.

Athletes call the disciple shutting down the mechanism. Tuning out the hey batter batter batter swing. Those that call you a chicken. Asking if you are scared? Smell the fear of insecurity. If. If you let some take a toe hold. Give them an inch and they take a mile.

Maine is a place where you become more self reliant because when you study the landscape.

She pulls all of your heart strings with a determined tug. You get to see unspoiled, all natural in this place with the space. Clean water, wall to wall wildlife and rolling countryside. Less voices outside to distract. More of the ones inside to guide and direct. It is hard to please others knowing they drift in and out of your life like rudderless ships. But you are stuck with yourself and born to improve, crack the code, do the hokey pokey. The best way for you.

Not sweating the small stuff details. You do only go around once in this life. If you let others do your thinking, worry about displeasing someone in the crowd, that is kind and considerate. To a point. But friends, acquaintances, business partners and even family can come and go. Drift in and out. Because of disagreements and misunderstandings. Or simply the work to maintain them becomes unhealthy or distracting from something you need to achieve for your own personal reasons. Maine, she understands and clears the table. Tidy spiffs up the place. Sets the simple stage setting for the work ahead of you. To do what you need to do. Do it in Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker