On the road in Maine usually means drive time. Did the early twilight drive from Aroostook County to Rockport Maine yesterday.

To once again hit the local Maine REALTOR state convention and real estate trade show. Kinda lonely to be down here from “The County”, the “Crown Of Maine” because you don’t see others from Aroostook.

But the rest of the state shows up in full force and long meetings, lots of coffee guzzling happens.

All that three hour at a time listening but then gap sessions during breaks make for a change of pace. Getting away from your local surroundings, even the beautiful ones in Maine, is healthy.

Maine Baxter Park Photo
Maine, One Blue And Green Dream. Wake Up, Get To Vacationland.

Because getting to see how the others live in various parts of the state of Maine makes you some kind of glad you live, work, will die here. Do you go to state conventions in Maine, on whatever you do for work?

It is always fun to take a trip but there is like Dorothy said, no place like home.

Especially when you hang your hat in Maine, anywhere in Vacationland.

This year’s state REALTOR convention in Maine is at the Samoset in Rockport.

Beautiful surroundings, always special to be on the coast. To take a walk, smell, see, hear all about it. Have you been to Maine yet? Why not? Don’t keep her waiting and take that trip. The fall foliage is outstanding, the colors this year more brilliant than ever. Come see what you are missing.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker