In an age of highly specialized across so many industries today, the downside is falling short in many other areas of life.

Because all the money in the brain trust is placed on the marble circling the roulette wheel. To land on one specific number, colored slot.

Coffee Tastes Better On Maine Porches, Decks, Patios.
Maine Porches, Free Therapy, Shelling Fresh Peas, Naps Happen Here.

And when you are very good at a skill, craft and have a talent in one specific sought after area, you are sought out.

The money you make for a reward of being pretty special in that one narrow area. Means throwing some of it around. Hiring out lots of other areas of your life decision making.

In my industry of real estate, if the price tags hanging off the property listings are high enough. Blessed with lots of zero places, it opens the door.

A bunch of them. To lots of side contractors in the process of selling a home.

Home stagers to tell you no no, the colors you picked over the years are all wrong. This place could fetch way way more. If we pull all your furniture out. Throw it into storage or give it away to Catholic Charities, the Red Cross. For some family a victim of a total household loss fire.

Not Stuck Inside, Moving Around Outside In Maine.
Outside, Moving, Catching A Ride To Maine Adventure.

And (beep beep) back in, slowly, steady, that’s it. Easy, hold it. Good.

A truckload of the latest and greatest colors, styles. The arrangement of the accessories around the brand new smelling furniture in the shrink wrap.

Consulting Angie’s List on who you gonna call. Paying some service to monitor your credit. To see with speed of thought quickness. If there is a negative blip in your financial scores, debt ratios, the works under the financial hood.

When you buy new appliances, anything electronic how about insurance to cover the what if. When warranties used to extend a longer time. Companies stood behind the product without the consumer footing the bill on breakdowns right off the bat. Shortly after lugging home all that shiny, gotta have the newest gadgets. That marketing tells you you need. For a happier, fuller life. Cause you deserve it, have earn the right.

In small town Maine we are brought up cross trained.

Skills sets for survival. You change out the GFI outlet in the bathroom yourself. Cut down, haul to a yard. Split the wood behind your house to heat it this winter. This summer that garage roof gets re-shingled. After stripping the other two layers down to the boards. Carefully making the new asphalt or metal water tight. High and dry by yourself.

Of like the barn raising ritual of I’ll help you with those hand hewn beams, post and pegs this weekend. You and your family come on down. To my Maine farm yard next Saturday and Sunday. To return the favor. Barter exchanged, not dead Presidents swapped for the effort for payment.

If we don’t know in a small Maine town who to call for a repair beyond our expertise. That no one in our circles of family and friends can lend a hand with, well now. The eenie meenie miney moe is easy. Tune in to the Grapevine channel. Not an XM selection choice.

Big Fish, Happy Fisherman.
Local Fresh Maine Fish, Not Shipped In From Who Knows Where.

It’s the common answer to questions asked while sitting in a small Maine town barber’s chair.

Hearing the same response on who to call. At the vet’s getting the booster shots for Fluffy or Spot. Waiting in the staging area for the medicine application. Or getting tires rotated for free at the place you bought them. Asking others in the same routine. Sampling the coffee made yesterday. While comparing notes, experiences. Sometimes horror stories.

Maybe in line at the local IGA or Shop and Save, when asking around. For the survey says (ding ding) this is the person, the selection of folks you ought to call. Based on the experience of your friends and neighbors you know personally, trust completely in a small Maine town.

Self sufficient, more reliant on me, myself and I happens in Maine.

Because we are not a state flush with cash. Don’t hire it done. Big time DIY. You are in simple, frugal living Maine. Where there are not layers, smothering expensive blankets of delays, added costs in our day to day. We do our own thought process. Can hear ourselves think with less people, more direct hands on in the process of living day to day. We don’t hire it out, not so dependent on others.

Maine, where our entertainment is always outdoors too. No or very very low cost. 52 weeks a year when blessed to live in Vacationland full time. With the fun in the sun. Under the blue sky, the same one that shifts to black velvet. And the curtain opens. For the brilliant nightly light show. From a zillion stars you can actually see twinkling, performing overhead. Not lost in a sea of smog, light pollution like a city. Maine, unplug, refresh, recharge. Whew. Relax in the Pine Tree State.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker