Taking a train ride in Maine. All aboard. Oakfield Maine the destination with WCSH’s Channel 6 reporter Bill Green showing up this past Saturday. To climb inside the morning run to Howe Brook in Aroostook County. I was on the south run to below Sherman Maine passenger train ride.

In Maine, back in 1960 50,000 train cars a year of potatoes were shipped out of Aroostook County.

The Bangor and Aroostook Railroad was a big shaper of building Maine into what it is today. Before overnight, just in time inventory that trailer trucks could provide took over that operation. 10-4 good buddy, let those 18 wheels roll. But the economy of Maine rail service if right now freight or passenger delivery is not needed. And Amtrak train service in southern Maine expanding, getting more and more prominent.

Have been blogging on trains at speeds of 175, 186 miles per hour that cuff right along.

Covering great distances very fast where you can tap tap the electrons online as you do.

Maine Trains, Big Part Of A Rich History.
All Aboard. Pulling Out Of Oakfield Maine Railroad Station Location.
The blur of countryside and plush appointments startling you as another high speed train passes very close and you feel like you are swapped in on a horizontal rocket ship on the steel rails.

Transportation in Maine is critical because of the distance away from markets. Being tucked away, protected, insulated not isolated. In the upper right hand corner of the country.

Up here in Maine.

That looks like a thumbs up. Pretty much surrounded by Canadian geography, people well spaced both sides of the line.

The countries just a whisker away when you live in a border town in Maine. Where I am lucky to be and able to hop that US / Canada border to see what’s happening on the other side of the International Boundary.

Maine, lots to do and it’s usually outside. Often involves water or in this case, a train ride in Oakfield Maine to blog about today. Riding in an iron horse on the steel rails networking Southern Aroostook County.

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