Change can be a scary thing when someone clings, has a death grip on past habits.

Because what is known is predictable, routine, safe and easy. Requires little thought to maintain. And to lose the norm feels out of control, unstable. It shows what a person is made of, if they have a healthy dose of grit, moxie and determination. When things as we know it go sideways.

Maine Loons On Lake Fishing.
Taught How To Fish, Survive Early On In Life.

Not knowing where you are going to land. End up.

As if a black, orange, white… well you pick the color cat held high upside down. Let go, ending up on all fours. If enough distance exists between the release point and the ground. To twist, turn, right yourself. Meow.

Don’t you find the most interesting people you bang into, that come in and out of your life have had some hairy experiences? And made adversity, up against it come out in their favor. Using it like they climbed into a rock polisher and all the more well versed and life savvy because of it. Some people make it look easy when anything but that was the case.

What happens to you in life is not like fairy tales in most cases.

But the happily ever after part until the end is up to each of us. There are folks seething with anger, weary from frustration that take personal what others do, think, say around them. When the going gets tough. It’s partly the bumper sticker “Just because I’m paranoid does not mean people are not out to get me.”

Folks who’s life is lead externally, outside themselves. Not built with inner joy and peace. Happy happens for a short stint only if this, this and that takes place around them.

Maine Storms, Living Simply, Not Luxurious.
Preparing For Storms In Life In Maine. We’re Ready. Hang On.
If many players in the production takes on a particular role. In the script written for them. That they did not know they held, had to audition to play the part. And when resistance shows up, the show stops, heads roll.

You ruined, ignored the party that was designed for their own good. Can be like herding cats.

To get everyone on board when change, new direction is needed. But easy does it. Spoonful at a time of the bitter medicine. With a little sugar introduced as the antidote to release the feverish pitch the discussions that escalate to around a small Maine town. When change is the topic of the day. Before it is dire straits and options to do it dry up leaving the smell of desperation, fear, chaos.

The bigger picture, seeing it and making the need for change, adjusting the life dials more carefully. Along the way, methodically. Not waiting until the eleventh hour and panic setting in. Brainstorming in a small Maine town about what if this, how could we that. Without the subject matter causing folks to bristle, feel threatened.

Just approached like a puzzle, to inventory the pieces, consider where to put them into place. For the fit fashioned by the group, not a few individuals. Because that’ll never fly in a small Maine town without a consensus, a let’s give it a go attitude. We’re all wearing the same color jerseys. It can be a sport of passion because you love the small town you are lucky to live in.

There is no time for wasted emotion, finger pointing, back biting.

Solutions. A public burial, funeral for the bringing up skewed bits and pieces of history rehash.

Maine Sunsets Are Sacred.
Maine Sunsets, Everyone Is Incredible. Share Them. Don’t Do Them Alone.
To be as negative, blaming the “they” for what shoulda, coulda, woulda happened if as possible. Just if, if, if brought up over and over from the past. Like re-opening fresh decade old wounds that won’t scab over, heal.

Defeated, giving up. When the boat is sinking, the limited number of life boats make it a climb in, sink or swim scenario.

Time’s a wasting and rolling up sleeves, putting heads together needed.

To be enterprising, encouraging but realistic. And together hammering out a course that will take all of us in a small Maine town. To land on all four feet. On higher, solid stable ground.

To survive, prosper, grow and flourish. Be better for the exercise every small Maine town is forced to take on. Like it or not. In adjusting to less trickle down revenue sharing from the county, state capital, Uncle Sam. To get behind economic development efforts, to eliminate small town duplication and waste in government.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker