You know how when you really have to stay focused, have a task at hand requiring your full attention?

When other things going on around you are a distraction and trying to pull you away from that goal? What do you do? In Maine, simple living is the approach to everything that happens.

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Lots Of Senses, More Than One Egg In The Simple Living In Maine Life Basket.

Some retreat to a small Maine woods camp to ponder the problem. The whispering wind in the pine needle vibrations. Howling, cold swirling around the eaves. Heard inside the warm as toast, wood stove heated simple log cabin helps clear the head.

Just getting, being away from people all hollering what you should do is control, alternate, delete poof. Gone. Replaced with solitude Maine is famous for, has plenty of if you make the time.

Adjusting, tweaking the life dials. Happens in Maine way way easier. Than a crowded urban setting where there is just not any easy direction to run, hide and think.

Maine is a good place to regroup. Step back from a situation. Take the long way home. Spending time on an open porch or tree canopied deck. In front of an open rocked fire pit circle to collect positive ions.

Simple Living, Using Horse Sense In Maine.
Coming Together, Working Out Solutions In Maine Small Towns.

To gain the 20 20 needed to trot right back in and know the best course of action in what to do now.

It avoids the looking back and second guessing. Because what you did, chose in your life at the time of decision making was the best for all concerned. When all the exhibits, A through Z were eyeballed, punched, poked, studied from all angles.

Others find the solitude of downhill or cross country skiing. Hiking, biking. Being out on an open lake fishing. Kayaking down a challenging section of waterway the key to release.

Frees up, defrags the mental hard drive. For the guidance in your life, living in Maine comes from being outdoors all four seasons. Space, wildlife, scenery. Away from people so you can hear yourself think. Get caught up in the real not fake in our everywhere you look. Drop dead gorgeous natural Maine simple living.

Had a lady in the office looking at Maine homes from Canada this week. Who indicated most of her life “I was never really on my side in arguments”.

No room. Too many strong willed, bossy people telling her you are wrong for how she felt, what she thought. No matter what her position, the topic. It was like walking underwater growing up difficult. Thinking like a driver, not the passenger works best in life. Ever seen households, families where all the relationships in them have to run through just one person? Instead of encouragement to think on your own, dare to be different? To find, define, refine, be just you.

Ate breakfast with a Joel Graham at the Elm Tree Saturday morning. His Dad Jack was short, carried a tall, big blue bottle of Maalox under his arm at all times. Like the green tanks on wheels you see following people connected with one long clear tether cord of piping. He was one of my Dad and Mom’s best trailer truck drivers for Prem Pak. Heck of a roller skater too my Mom said when growing up. Before he added the bright blue bottle to the look. Popping, throwing, flicking Rolaids into the air wrist action. To catch on the tongue habit into his daily living routine.

Jack trained a lot of truck drivers in his family.

Son Joel while working his way through a ham and cheese omelet, home made toast triangles, a couple of midnight black coffees said instead of trusting gauges and idiot lights, you just have to listen. To how the truck was sounding, running what his Dad taught he, his brothers. And with your pair of ears you could pick up on the change in the sound. The pitch, buzz, rattle and hum loudness.

Maine Outdoors Simple Living.
Look For The Sunshine. Unplug, Recharge In Maine.

Which meant there was a reason for something in the machinery not quite sounding right, normal. Catching the problem, picking up the cue before the gauges or idiot lights told you what you already knew.

But too late.

It is awareness. Looking for red flags, not being so caught up on the blur of other people, their demands around you. Using, relying on the five senses God wired into all of us. Joel said ice fishing is his best therapy. To untangle the mental knots, kinks in the hose affecting your life.

It’s start, end with what do you want to do, think is best in the long run in small town Maine living.

Then branches out from there to hopefully help. Please lots of others along the way too. Beyond your family, out in the local Maine communities. Because we are all connected in a special way. Have to be by design. Because when you look over your shoulder for a replacement if tired, overbooked, you figure out like the others shoulder to shoulder around you. You pretty much signed on for life in this, this and that job or position in the small Maine town. The burg, village, hamlet that is depending on each and every one of us. To sparkle, struggle through the low points. But survive no matter what and shine brightly, uniquely.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker