If you asked someone to spit out the first thing that pops into their head.

When the word is “tourism” or “vacation” uttered. One of the Disney amusement parks may top the shout out survey results list. Tourism can make you think of pulling one arm bandits at large gambling casinos like Vegas, Foxwoods, Atlantic City resort venues. Sturgis for wild hogs riding on rubber, wearing do-rags, leather, tattoos, piercings.

Maine Wildlife Tracks.
Waving, Saying Hi. Being Friendly. The Maine Wildlife Want You To Visit.

Or to zero in on the historical sites of a Washington DC, Philadelphia PA.

Maybe it’s the Big Apple that never sleeps for a Broadway play, musical show for you Mamma Mia.

Bright lights of New York City. Or heading to the other coast, LA CA (Not Lewiston Auburn) is what you want to do on vacation. To capture the snap. Get a Hollywood sign in the background. For this year’s look where we’ve been Christmas picture of your tribe.

Myrtle Beach for golf. Red Rock for outdoor music. Or don’t miss the American Folk Festival in Bangor Maine. Or if you can’t break away to the Rockies, Colorado, then Sugarloaf USA Maine snow skiing memory making.

But when I think tourism in Maine, it’s meeting the neat people in the small towns.

Experiencing what makes their area special at state agricultural fairs. The unique opportunities to enjoy nature, wildlife, the waterfront without man made interference. Missing the high cost. To heft, flex, sport a fat wallet or heavy purse. Lugged in to open wide for the parking, lodging, ordering, eating, tipping and tickets for the hoopla. Everything you attend.

In Maine, it’s simple. Less fanfare. You are part of the landscape. Star of your own show. An active participant without the crowds. Just you kayaking, hiking, biking, hunting, fishing. Snacking, packing picnic lunches. Cooking your other meals outdoors back at the simple woods cabin, or peaceful lake cottage setting.

Keeping the fire burning after grilling. Stoked for nightly chilling. Outdoor camping talks, like wagons in a circle important with your favorite cold refreshments. Maine lake loons, crickets providing the background music. The fragrant smell of wild pine trees that add a whisper. The sound of the wind in their vibrating needles.

Maine Harbor Scene In Cutler ME
Float Your Boat In Maine. Get Here Anyway You Can.
To enhance, tap all the senses. Remind you where you are lucky to be. In Maine, not any where near the Bronx Expressway. The Combat Zone of Boston.

The vacation in Maine that you are more active, involved, play a major part. Than in those hanging out at the “herd them in” resorts. That are some kind of busy, noisy, expensive. All about the money.

Winter ice fishing, snow sledding and renting a cabin or staying at a motel right off the Maine snow sled trail.

Maybe you can not get away from your out of state job during the summer so the solitude of winter in Maine is the attraction. The crunch of snow under the boots as your pull your wool hat down snugly. Zipping up that winter jacket. To head out through a woods trail on practically flying over drifts in four wheel drive snowshoes. Or after waxing the boards, strapping on cross country skis.

Seeing countless tracks of Maine woods inhabitants crisscrossing your path. Critters of all sizes. Doing the same journey into the wilds of Maine as you. But you are just visiting, this is their home surf and turf. The routine everyday in Maine for natives. Who get to unplug, recharge next to the woods and water.

Maine tourism fits the budget, no matter what season, reason you head to Vacationland.

Many rumbling in lanes up and over the big green bridge from the south end. But lots coming across from the east through Canada. Over the New Hampshire White Mountains. Or by sea via the 100 cruises ships that ply the coastline. Dropping anchor, harbor here and there to ferry the passengers ashore. Where you could bring your horse on vacation to Maine. To discover like early settlers what an unspoiled natural jewel Maine really is. Don’t keep her waiting. I think you are way way overdue. What are you doing this weekend? Dig out the calendar and flip ahead. When is your next trip, low cost vacation in Maine?

See, Hear, Visit A Maine Lighthouse Right Now Video

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker
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