Maine is famous, unique for a lot of things and native wild blueberries for a slab of pie might get your vote.

Maine Fruits, Pie Fillings, All Home Made.
Home Made Maine Pies, What’s Your Favorite Kind?








Fresh, homemade, piping hot apple pie. With a slice of stinky cheese, parallel parked on the same plate. Some hand churned vanilla ice cream, two scooped and riding on top. Drizzling, oozing down over the sides. Soaking, saturating the pie crust. That could be a strong slice consideration for the coin toss pick too huh?

Sometimes your pie preference is fueled from strong memories of the kind served up, enjoyed during Maine holiday family gatherings. From a life long enjoyment of whatever a family member’s favorite kind was. Their pie pièce de résistance as it were became your sweet addiction. Gram made you a particular flavor pie junkie for life.

How about when you are out to eat, the restaurant has a pie carousel spied with your little eye on the way in?

Hanging up your coat. Crying out to you like the Sirens as you sail on by. Are there kinds you always or never pick, ask for, order? Is there no in between in the black and white, love hate pie piece discrimination?

Maybe the eenie meenie miney moe when they all look good, ends up with you saying “I do” to mince meat, gooseberry, graham cracker, lemon meringue. Or do you live on the wild side, walk the crazy line of a blend? Like the vicarious thrill when strawberry and rhubarb hold hands. Climb in together. Slipping under the covers of the pie crust.

The one with the venting slot or fork pattern herring boned, tattooed on top. That trademarked your Mom’s favorite pie line.

Do you remember being able to pick hers out of a table full line up with ease as a kid during a family reunion? Because you watched her as she rolled out the made from scratch dough. Sliced, diced, doctored the special seasoned filling. Crimped, rolled up the rim to win the hearts of the family members with her crowd pleasing meal finale fireworks favorite.

Pumpkin pie during Thanksgiving.

Is it a given it will be among the flavors sampled? Raspberry, banana creme. But whoa, who eats butterscotch pie anyway? Pass the chocolate creme please. Or to fit in with the locals when vacationing in Key West Florida, sure. Hit me with the key lime pie, why not? Or is that peach over there, pecan or cherry I see too? Better wait a minute for me to digest all these choices. Should only be sampling one right?

Here’s one top ten America’s favorite pie charts. Gonna hit you again, with another visual graphic to make your mouth water over pie picks. Did any one say coconut creme or custard was what they preferred? Your order is here. More coffee?

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker