When you live in Aroostook County, farming is part of the rich heritage.

All types of farming and the advances made over the years on display at the Southern Aroostook Agricultural Museum in Littleton Maine.

Maine Farmers Agricultural Museum
Valuable For Heat, For Home Cooking, The Farm House Wood Stove.

If you have never been to a SAAM bean supper, enjoyed socializing, hearing farm stories or touring the newest antique farm displays, you have missed out big time.

The museum is housed in the former Littleton Elementary School.

Is full of household items, farm tools, room displays of the era and a machinery shed.

It is not just tractors of all colors, vintages. More than farming equipment, attachments. But just as much a glimpse at the day to day way of life long ago on the family farm in Maine.

Take a video tour of the Southern Aroostook County Farmers Museum in Littleton Maine right now.

Like many local community activities in small town Maine, you don’t just pay, attend events, go home, that’s that.

No no. You pick your collection of them to work, make the event possible with a home made, hands on approach. Bring whatever talents tap you as the best to pair up with others that have the same interest, background, skills. And then pretty much that group are your buddies for the rest of your life in that small Maine town. Working that activity. This is one of your projects to run, improve, make sure happens yearly. It’s on your shoulders, to do list.

You step up, you feel connected, needed. You contribute your creative spirit, blood, sweat and tears.

Southern Aroostook Agricultural Farmers Museum
Great Food, Friendly Museum Members Serve It Up.

Passion for your Maine town to make it special, unique, what it is. Log on to the SAAM site.

The Southern Aroostook Agricultural museum is located on US Rt 1, Littleton ME.

Like to help them expand, work in the one room school house or new Maine barn project? The small general store display? Your talent is needed. You get back way way more than you put in with the personal satisfaction. That you pitch in to create, keep adding to and improve. That’s the deep satisfaction of living in a small Maine town parked on the New Brunswick Canadian – Aroostook County border.

Plan, scheme, implement. With in this case a neat group of Maine farmer preservationists. That happen to be out of this World cooks, like to put on memorable buffet spreads too. Now I’m pretty hungry and can’t wait for the next Southern Aroostook Agricultural Museum public supper.

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