One of the number one New Year’s Resolutions is losing weight.

How to do it without a lifestyle change means get off the couch. Turn off the television, shut down the computer device.

Maine Snow Shoeing, Do You Do It.
Go Over Hill And Dale Winters In Maine Wearing, Floating, Flying On Snow Shoes.
Put on some clothing layers. Stop wandering out to the kitchen looking for a snack. Hibernating inside. Head to the woods of Maine, out over the fields. Wearing shoeshoes. Lots of neat places in Maine to snowshoe.

Snow shoeing in Maine. More calories burned than running, skiing.

That what happens with snowshoeing. It all depends on your terrain, the length of the snowshoeing adventure or ritual like any exercise.

But access to areas that you can not drive to, get to without a Maine snow sled or cross country skis. Like any outdoor recreation, seeing wildlife, hearing the wind in the pines, birds singing, seeing tracks of other furry animals. Under a cobalt blue ski and feeling better as you fill your lungs with clean Maine air. You don’t have to be in church to pray. And many will freely admit they feel spiritual outdoors in Maine. Close to the creator.

So pick a season but in addition in winter in Maine to snow sledding, skiing down hill, cross country, or ice skating, strap on some snow shoes.

Go tramping without fear of sinking to your waste in drifts. Up and over banks, down into gullies and over drifts of snow in Maine. Terrain gets eaten up, you can tramp anywhere but still need to tread lightly. Have respect for the land owner that is nice enough to share the property in Maine you are exploring. Carry in, carry out applies and if there is a trail, stay on it.

Snow and ice in a Maine landscaped transformed by winter weather artwork means snow shoeing tips is something new to try, consider if you never have. Or this whole blog post is preaching to the choir if you already do.

Winter in Maine, one more excited season with lots of options.

New ways to stay outdoors. Just like when you were a kid and Mom had to remind you a couple times, time to eat. Time to come in now when you were playing with your friends. Building a snow foot, digging tunnels or sliding down a hill. Fresh air, nothing like it especially in Maine.

I have an old pair of hand made, leather, wood, rawhide lattice stitched set of inherited snow shoes. But look around, lots of lighter weight versions to be had no matter what level, amount of time you plan to devote to Maine snow shoeing. A sport where you feel like you can float. Almost fly over terrain. Covered ground quickly with new found powers. To go where you always sank before without the winter footwear.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker