The attitude, the tone, appreciation and respect for the surroundings you call home are the trampoline key to how high you get in life.

The quality of your existence on Earth is often hinged on how busy, commercial, populated it is in your circle, corner of the World right? When you don’t live in a rural state like Maine, it is easy to forget a place like it exists. You don’t have time to day dream. Get out of the habit of letting go, you stop the life altering visits.

Other things on your to do list crowd, take over. Robbing the real joy that being in Maine creates deep inside where real joy, peace, happiness and content hang out, live.

When you have huffed, puffed, stuck with the journey of blue broken dashes up the side of Mt Katahdin, the feeling when you climb up and over onto the table land at Baxter Park’s senior pinnacle is
Mt Katahdin, Baxter Park
Maine, Less Colors Than Late Fall’s Explosion Can Be Dramatic Too!
hard to explain.

No words form at first. No matter how many visits. But like the Tim McGraw country song about “I like it, love it, want some more of it” Sugar Pie. Don’t fight the feeling.

Maine, she will have her way with you. And all you know is sign me up for more. Get in line, stay in a row. Mountains cure amnesia.

You may have to head back to work out of state for Monday morning. Get on the green line “T” to be at the job by nine into dragon heart of the city. But you will be back. No doubt about it. Over and for over for a life long love affair that only shines brighter, grows hotter deep down inside.

Distance away from the urban centers is part of Maine’s mystique.

No billboards, there’s a bottle return law. 4th lowest crime state safe. And the rural, remove the large wads of cash stuffed in the pants to live day to day missing. Replaced with morelittlehorse barter than currency exchanging hands.

Means less commercial activity, enterprise happens. More outdoor no cost, low cost fun.

More self sufficiency, depending on your own skill set than paying someone else to tap into their collection for survival, existence.

When you live in a small Maine community of under 200 folks, do you think you can afford a million dollar town office, 8 story ladder fire truck?

Not needed. Over kill. Just like layers and stacks of cumbersome, expensive, time delay regulations for permits, code compliance. To herd all that population. Nope. The simple, kitchen table, common sense approach to living like that mountain top hiking, biking, skiing experience. Works just fine. Is real, honest, simple Maine living. Along with all this wide open, all to yourself waterfront, scenery, wildlife just adds arrow to the heart and keester. To love the freedom, boy we sure are lucky amazement to catch fire.

Real freedom in how you live starts with where you decide to camp out. Without Home Owners Associations, snarky upper crust elite telling you what are not doing right now. And what the fine, penalty is if you don’t cease and desist this instance buster. Or else threats of legal procedures being started up as the poison pen letters, sabre rattling bullying begins. You are not a hillbilly, you may be a fish out of water. A mouse in the wrong landscape. Adjust the GPS selector coordinates.

Ever think if being grateful for the bare necessities is more than enough for real joy was ever replaced with lots of people, plenty of money suddenly invading a small Maine town?

How everything stainedwindowsunwould go to someplace where it seldom freezes over?

Oh sure, Maine could use more jobs, to tighten up on duplication of services and any waste in its government programs. But we pretty much live like we are always ready for a recession in our small Maine towns. Home made, not store bought.

Step up, pitch in, do your part. Don’t waste money, save for a rainy day. Our hand not out, shoved in both of our own pockets.

We make it work, we are happy with what we have. Plenty, we know lots of folks bankrupt in other ways mentally, spiritually. And not just talking about whether its red or black ink you live your day to day using. The lifestyle you show your kids as what is really important to seek out, achieve in life is so important.

Happy Thanksgiving and if you have an empty nest, are not traveling for turkey this year, help make one for others in your home town.

Homeless, shut ins, Veterans or other elderly groups that have no family.

Those that recently lost someone very near and dear that just wish the holidays were over. Because they are struggling with one big ugly, depressing reminder someone is missing. There is a big hole at their place at the table, their role in the home traditions holiday. Kids are the cure at Christmas, Thanksgiving. Make their time special, bright and catch the wonderment spark of the season through their eyes, hearts.

Work the tables at the local church, Elks or other civic clubs to bow your head with others. And be truly thankful, grateful, feeling so so fortunate for how we are really blessed. Pass that butternut squash bowl, cinnamon bun platter and green bean casserole dish to those that look hungry. We need some more light meat of Tom Turkey or Harry Ham carved up too. Let’s eat, give thanks to the table of bounty, abundance of home grown food to feast on in Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker