Colors Of Maine, The Fewer Can Be Better.
Maine, Dressed In Just A Few Colors. Like Late Fall Brown Blue Hues.

When you tell your friends about the fireworks, the colors of fall foliage in Maine, it is a pretty breath taking, jaw dropping time.

But other combinations of colors can be the perfect backdrop to your Vacationland experience too.

Just blue, mostly white hit a positive major chord. It does not have to just be Jack Frost stealing the show with vibrant colors detonating for the second explosion bloom around the Maine countryside in fall.

The lack of color variety can play, come off to be more dramatic, memorable.

Stark to some, comforting and reassuring to others. If you are looking out from inside. By a crackling wood fire, while snow is falling. A home cooked meal just enjoyed or about to be. Or the sound of rain on the woods camp metal roof is happening. While you curl up with a good book. Play cribbage with an old dear friend. Glad to be high and dry so to speak. Inside, out of the elements while stormy weather plays out.

Mt Katahdin, Baxter Park
Maine, Less Colors Than Fall’s Explosion Can Be Dramatic Too!
I know revisits to the Maine coast to hang out with the camera to click click capture winter shots of a lighthouse is entirely different than sharing the venue with New York Yankee cap wearing crowds of tourists. Taking turns, waiting, collecting, after the same thing you are in summer. A juicy photo slice of Maine.

In winter, look around. Just you on board. And you get a sense this is really what being the keeper of the lighthouse in Maine felt like other seasons than during the warm sea breeze, strong sun of summer.

Rainbows of colors of harvest gold, reds, oranges, yellows and greens are pretty dramatic.

Hit you deeply. But so do the Maine paint by number settings when fewer colors get solos to sucker punch, suck out your breath pretty hard too. In places you don’t go much. Or were blind, not aware you had locked up, closed off deep down inside. The vast, sheer wide open space of Maine can be served up wrapped in different colors for entirely different take away reactions.

Maine, The Colors Shade, Like Your Mood.
Colors Of Just Winter White, Weathered Barn Board Gray, A Splash Of Shaggy Horse Chestnut Brown. Work For You?

It’s all about how you chose to wrap your mind around what is now playing outside in Maine for colors.

And the mood, attitude you dress, wear around that morning.

When your feet hit the floor running.

Swing out of bed to begin your day.

Maine, wide open, all natural, nothing man made. That’s the most memorable take away. Always. Don’t keep her waiting. Don’t stay away so long.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker