Maine Is Four Seasons, Class Always Is In.
Life Drifts, Snow Storms, Don’t Get Bogged Down, Miss The Take Away.

The calendar on the wall says put away the swim trunks, pack away the sandals and get that lawn furniture, flower boxes under cover.

Take down the hammock, but don’t put away the gas grill. Use those year round to sizzle the steak, ribs, chicken, salmon right?

Maine’s winter landscape is being squeak squeaked into the background slow but sure.

I plow snow at a Maine farm I grew up at and bought from my three older brothers. And last night bought a new battery for the 1999 Dodge plow truck that only has 11,000 miles on it. Getting it ready to roar, angle the yellow Fisher plow. When the snow fall means jeep into where it is parked. Fire it up and plow, place, tidy it up. So the oil truck can beep beep in to hook the heating hose. And the home can guzzle guzzle.

The smells like snow part of real winter weather is foreign to someone that did not grow up around fluffy white stuff. Hard to explain but combined with dark clouds, a glance at the calendar as Thanksgiving approaches and history living in Maine all combine. Like the person with rheumatoid arthritis joint pain that could be in front of the green screen.

Predicting weather accurately because those tinges in the knee, feet, shoulder, neck or elbow joint means chance of Maine snow fall is approaching.

Like built in barometers. The aching joint could land you a job on the Weather channel. Folks tune you in because you know how to predict that weather better than a meteorologist. You just know, instinctively, in your gut. Sense the difference in air pressure happening around you. The volume on the pain from 40%, 100% chance of snow. Increasing like the shade of red intensity in ET’s chest cavity. When thoughts of home, or a signal is coming his way to lock on to and prepare for exiting Earth.

The smell of snow, ooh ooh that smell means be boy scout prepared.

And the Maine home owner, driver, road crews on the local and state level are. We know how to do snow. Don’t go into a tail spin when it happens. Get good at removing it, working around it and making it fun, tourism dollar generating rich and profitable for local businesses. That count on snow sledding revenues.

And for individuals that like to be outside ice fishing, snow skiing, enjoying walking in it around a small Maine town community. Let it snow. I’m ready. It’s one of my favorite seasons and have to remind, Maine has no polar bears. We get snow, just not all the time. More than 20 minutes of daylight all winter long because we are not in the Arctic Circle.

So turn the top levers on the insulated windows, pull the blinds closed at night, weather strip and caulk, add a little more attic insulation to places where it has settled, but get ready. Winter coat, mittens and gloves. Check. Antifreeze levels in the vehicles up. Check. Ice scraper and snow brush in the back seat and within arm’s reach. Check. Bring it on.

We are ready and prepared for Maine winter snow. Or if not, can always do the snow bird routine. In the sunny south and southwest until the smell of snow in the air is gone. Replaced with the stronger, longer sun. The spring singing birds, fragrance of the crocus, daffodils, tulips, lilac bushes return.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker