The call of the wild, the revisits, treks back to Maine year after year.

They happen for a reason. The attraction is more than a casual flirtation. Deeper than a fleeting warm and fuzzy, temporary condition. Because once Maine takes your hand, gets into your system, you are done. That’s all she wrote for any other passions to top the urge, itch, hunger for a destination.

Maine is a jealous but kind master. She wants, no demands, grabs hold, takes all of you.

Hook, line and sinker. Surrender to her natural beauty. Explore and discover her nooks, crannies that are not your typical tourist haunts. Ask a local in one of the small 108 Maine towns what his favorite spot is. Collect them one by one. Everyone in a small Maine town is on the front line of customer service. Wants to make sure others know, respect, enjoy Maine the way they do. Just ask for suggestions, guidance.

islandmainelakeThe beauty of being on top of Mt Katahdin peering out over mountain ranges. Bopping, paddling a two person sea kayak out to one of the 68 lighthouses for a better angle to capture a snap shot glimpse to take back home. Meeting Mr Maine Moose in his habitat. Swish swish carving new snow cross country on a Maine lake or down a Sugarloaf, Sunday River or small slop recharge a person. Help you find true, lasting contentment.

Park in on a Maine lake.

Hoof it, tramp into the wilds of the vast, endless list of unorganized township this, range that numbers and letters. Where animals, wildlife out number you ten thousand to one. Where you can detach, tune into to the crystal clear, surround sight and sound wilderness channel of Maine. And feel like the last person, only guy or gal left on the planet to turn the lights out.

Humbling, sacred, soothing, hitting you deeply.

Penetrating regions you did not know you possessed, that even existed in your heart, mind and soul. Dorothy was right, but sorry. It’s Maine not Kansas you seek, need for a forever home. Click those ruby red slipper heels together. Transport to Maine every chance you get. Don’t stay away so long.

When the long views winding down a black twisting ribbon of highway in Moscow Maine opens up, unfolds in your lap, you just know this is a place where I am suppose to be. No where else but Maine. Plain and simple. No matter what the season, you don’t need a reason to return to Maine. To those special unspoiled by man, no crowd places Maine is loaded with, just waiting for your return visit to enjoy.

Get to Maine. Don’t you dare to even think for a moment of standing her up, keeping her waiting.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker