Unplugged, Recharging In Maine.
Peaceful, Four Season Drop Dead Gorgeous, Maine. Breathe, See, Figure Life Out Here.

The city couple have dreamed of opening up, running a small sporting lodge in Maine.

But not one established, all commercial bought by mortgaging their soul. Giving up their first new born bundle of joy. Or handing over a duplicate vital organ or two to accomplish, pull off the feat. But starting small. First the Maine land. Then building a rustic, simple Maine log cabin. That will become the main lodge. And one by one auxiliary cabins as they can afford appear on the Maine land over time. Working like an in tune piano during a duet. A harmonious team with a shared desire, passion, carbon copy vision. Best friends that love the outdoors of Maine. Both watching the Maine dream channel. On the same page and working toward the common goal.

But like the couple who also live in a different concrete urban jungle setting and chasing the almighty dollar to stay above water, another pair of Jack and Jill’s want horses. Lots of them. A Maine farm spread where they can have wide open space. A wood lot of their own to heat their old New England farm house. Gardens, canning and preserving happening. Weathered farm buildings to restore. Patch up, spread the resources of time and money carefully. To improve with what they have. But in head over heels in love for life. Together tightly, hanging on loosely. Raising horses in Maine on the farm with some special name. Like Sabbath Day Farm. Rolling Meadow Brook Farm. Something that means Heaven, Nirvana to both the peas in the pod. Living on love as the song goes. Got each other and that’s all that matters.

As many acres of Maine land as they can afford from working two jobs a piece, going without the absolute necessary. To break free of the city’s strangle, life robbing stranglehold.

Neither lazy and both anxious, jumpy, more than ready. To get out of the beltway of grid lock traffic cloverleafs. Of hot, frustrated, not so happy crowds of people in the six lanes around them during drive time stall, delays. Where the melt downs are not pretty. To get to a place with less people, bluer skies, brighter stars called Maine.

A dream, both different but that happen in their heads first Maine. Patience to get here and take care of loose ends where they live but are not happy about it. Maine the target. Because everything is lower cost for real estate properties. And less layers of government regulations to restrict and put a kink in the happily ever after hose they want to unravel. To get to work with the daily graining, flakes of hay ritual of Maine farming. After cleaning out box and standing stalls. When turning out the growing horse collection is not possible. Times of a ground layer of Maine winter snow meaning “no go” on the rich clover, timothy to graze on, nibble until each steed has its fill.

Sometimes the dream is for a waterfront property to use part or full time in retirement in Maine.

But often the couple relocation is for a better place to live goal. To raise a family in crime free surroundings where no one is scared. Living in fear. When no gangs control the turf. And just going without, being starved for small home town values Maine is famous for provides the real kick in the pant’s motivation to make the move, relocation.

And if life has been rugged so far, if relationships ran for a season not til death do us part, it is a place to regroup. Start new, fresh. From a complete mash up of their to date daily routine of no fun. To shake the life Etch O Sketch and have a blank canvass, clean gray screen. To paint with brand new full spectrum four season natural colors provided by Maine. If you can just get here. To experience the difference the place with the space creates. An unspoiled, unfiltered, uncrowded pristine area that is four seasons. Where you can hear yourself think. Figure stuff out. Letting go. Relax and enjoy life more.

Kicking dead horses, hooked by mental barb wire and dragged around, roughed up by life in the bright lights, big city takes its toll.

Causes unhealthy, life is flying by delays. Is why there is a place like Maine to simplify, remove the store bought things in your retail therapy approach to living. Replacing with the down to Earth, real living experiences that are healthier, richer. Nothing money can buy. Get to Maine, don’t keep her waiting. Come for a day, end up staying a lifetime in Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker