The Fourth of July in Maine.

There is no wrong way to celebrate the nation’s birthday. The day of independence, freedom and the beginning of the waving the red, white and blue. But if you have nothing lined up, are looking for a memorable experience, a low cost holiday celebration, Maine should be dialed in on the GPS.

Small town Maine 4th of July celebrations are extra special. Because you don’t attend them as a local particpant when you live here. You work them. Are behind the scenes, sleeves rolled up and not afraid of getting dirty. Digging, pitching in with family and friends. To add to the festivities. The parades, fireworks, the hand crafted, home made local Maine events.

Head north to witness the Houlton Maine State Fair, the multi day celebration of the Fourth Of July. Watch a video of Midnight Madness. Or walk around the crafts, the fair ground exhibits, see, hear, take a spin on the rides too.

Houlton Maine 4th Of July Celebration Lasts For Days, Loaded With Events Video.

Get to Maine for the 4th of July this year.

For any reason to experience Vacationland. Where the fun is always outdoors, natural, real. The people friendly, down to Earth. And you don’t have to lose an arm or a leg. The cost is not funded by having to sell, give up a duplicate organ. We keep it low or no cost. That only serves to enhance the experience. Because the worry about how the heck am I going to pay for all of this is gone. With simpler, easy does it way of life in Maine.

Come sample the waterfront in Maine that is never crowded. Get all wet. Meet the folks that populate the interesting, unique 108 small towns in Maine. Relax, enjoy yourself and see bluer skies, breath fresher, cleaner air. And feel the space around you that helps you relax, open up, settle down. The price is right and cheap is not a dirty, raise your eyebrows kinda of word here. We’re frugal, have to be. Chose to be.

Maine, all the fixings for a family vacation when you are strapped to a budget and thought one was not in the cards, possible.

Think again, think Maine. It’s why it is here in the upper right hand corner of the country. That many think is really in Canada. Which is a whole entirely different discussion on the merits of being on the border. The gateway to Atlantic Canada that offers its own experience for the vacationer, traveler, explorer. Happy 4th Of July faithful Me In Maine blog post reader.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker