Price, Part Of A Maine Small Town.
Find Yourself Involved, Enjoying, Contributing To A Small Maine Town.

You live in a city, large sprawling urban area and wonder where does all the money go.

Your car insurance if you dare to drive is higher cost. Because vehicles get stolen. Joy rides happen. Chop shops dissect cars, trucks, SUV’s buzzard quick like they were road kill. The chances of being bumped or plowing into a multi car super highway cloverleaf pile up are higher because you don’t live in a small Maine town. Maine is mostly small town with 108 total muncipalities to call home.

When you have a patch of dirt, more land around your lower cost Maine home, you can grow your own food. Sell the excess or use it to barter services back and forth with the neighbor down the country lane. You also save gas in a small town because everything is close, handy. Living in a smaller community in Maine means you can walk to things. The movies, out to eat, to a corner grocery for a quart of milk, loaf of bread. The essentials.

You enjoy little things like a dairy bar ice cream. Socializing at a bean supper.

Fund raising meal spread for a school trip. To help a local burned out family that lost their home to a fire. Or to give, show support to one with a sickness. Struggling with an expensive medical operation. Everyone pitches in. Digs deep. With a silent auction after the tasty meal. Of small local business and home made crafts, donated items. Your comforts are smaller but larger at the same time. Your appreciation for life increases because you can think, breathe easier with clean air, water, the unspoiled environment.

In small Maine towns you are way more involved with activities, part of the local landscape.

Festivities at civic, church, school groups are worked, not just attended. There is more of each individual written all over the home grown, small Maine town events. The expensive monetary option of just hiring it done gone. So greater commitment happens from the individuals. Year after year. That group that is only so large when in Northern Maine there are only eleven people per square mile. In a wide open area in Aroostook County the size of the states of Connecticut and Rhode Island combined. If you don’t come forward, who is going to behind you when the population numbers are smaller.

And due to the big helping of expansive wildlife filled woods and our clean lakes, rivers, streams and ponds to explore, the fun is outdoors. Low or no cost. You live in Vacationland, the desire of many but who only sample just one teenie weenie precious week, long weekend to last the rest of the year. Until the next trip north to the state in the right hand corner of the country. Almost in Canada which offers a whole new nation under a waving red maple leaf to sample. For an entirely International spin to your recreation, leisure time too. When you already live here, not having to schedule that short window of opportunity when you check out of work for a vacation from the concrete jungle. Crossing the big green bridge at the southern tip of Maine.

When you live in a small Maine town, you know, care, pray for your neighbors.

You are more connected to others because crime is nil. You can let your guard down, not wear a taser and wear a smile. Make eye contact. Communicate to and not ignore folks around you. To feel the pride because you contribute, are needed, would be missed if not in a small town. The people, individuals are the local community flavor, spirit, spark. Local waitresses miss the regulars that view the diner as family. When they have none.

And Maine small town people care about shut ins, elderly, knowing they themselves will be in the same position some day. Calls to Martha that does not drive anymore. To see if she needs anything at the grocery store. Or inviting her to come along for the ride. To get out of the house, apartment. Or snow blowing her driveway, shoveling a walk. Including her in a holiday celebration. You kids treat her like family which is gladly becomes despite not matching DNA pumping in her veins.

You watch the community grow up. Kids are raised by the village. One by one you follow their lives. You coach youth teams, sponsor competitions, teach Sunday school, hire area youth for jobs. Know the brothers, sisters, moms and dads. Related to many. It is a given that “if it is to be it is up to me” thinking experience a small Maine town.

More confident, self assured, with a larger do it yourself, jack of all trades skill set. Lazy becomes a cuss word. Hitting below the belt sniping remark that stings. Wired into everyone growing up, being shaped, guided in a small Maine town to pitch in, have respect for other’s feelings, their possessions. The favor returned. And not much happens that is lost from scrutiny, like in the bright lights, big city fast paced shuffle.

Maine homes that cost less get paid off faster.

Mortgages disappear and free up resources for other endeavors. Like savings, a second home or camp on the Maine waterfront. Travel, college funds, household expenses all benefit from the cheaper day to day overhead. Your worry emotions run lower, the stress is less financial. You count your blessings. You enjoy life more when you have space, room to roam, can find a place to think without noise, people, the hustle bustle of better pay attention heavy traffic. A faster paced hurry scurry all the time. That’s no way to live… in a blur of worry, crime, high cost of living right?

In a small town, lots of talent from other areas of the country comes together in a blend, melting pot of creativity. Retired folks get involved, share what they have learned in other parts of the World. Young families can stretch their dollar because of lower cost of everything. Especially Maine real estate. You can own more property with extra features because supply is always bigger than demand. Which keeps the price down where it is manageable, affordable.

You get more creative in a small Maine town.

There are no gangs, worries about safety. Utilizing the options from public libraries, cross country ski trails, bike paths, hiking options happen. The fun is outdoors, all four seasons. Sporting events, from fishing, hunting, snow sledding, skiing, four wheeling are possible. Photography of nature, art, sharpening writing skills all get tapped into instead of just reaching for your wallet. And tying your fun to store bought or something man made. Not natural and home grown. And your awareness, clarity increases of all the little things that matter most in life happens in your less populated, more natural surroundings happens. Make it not buy it.

Money is not so important in a small Maine town and you get out of the habit of spending, the norm in a city where everything costs dearly. Things like paying for expensive parking, theatre tickets, nose bleed high swanky places are saved for a trip. Not practiced, pricey expenditures found round the clock, day in and out in a small Maine town. Family values, work ethic and responsibility happen with kids raised in a small Maine town.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker