Maine Is Lots Of Water, Plenty Of Weather.
Never Fade Memory Making In Maine. Collect Your Images, Experiences.

The truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth is a lofty concept to strive for all the time.

But in life, expectations, moods of folks on the receiving end of the here and now, way it is, often filter, color and don’t quite pick up the same key, arrangement of the “music” in life.

There was a time when being caught up on the responsibilities of life, the chores of the day to day was enough for contentment. For peace, feeling in the present day and not behind the eight ball. But the slow shift from less manual, physical labor and higher wages for the work performed that far beyond the personal satisfaction alone happened.

The desire to expect to be happy, have fun, stay amused round the clock is not a healthy diet.

It is a condition called spoiled, unrealistic. Or temporary. Enjoying life, the one you lead is key and struggling with set backs, soaring high on the personal high spots is important. But so is the responsibility for taking care of more than just your own person well being, welfare.

Others, making the area and people surrounding you better off, for the greater good. It is vital to have everyone in the community, village, burg pushing for that common goal. Even if the actual target, the pathway to achieve it is a little fuzzy, not so clear. To keep heading in that general direction and together achieving more as a group than alone as an individual. It takes constant reminder for the guy or gal in the mirror you brush your teeth with each morning, evening.

When events don’t pan out the way you had hoped, expected or thought possible, button down the hatches for the long haul, stormy weather.

The turn of events are the jaws of life that open you. Crack that tough nut exterior turtle shell. The one we all use for survival, to hunker down and hide within. Especially when everything is not so predictable. Not like in the movies or fictional reading material. But simple honest living takes awareness, constant reminder to stay the course.

Real, honest, simple and even raw is a place called Maine. Reduced to basics, not so the distractions of layers and layers to complicate life take over. And waste the ride we all take, are on. Like it or not. Find the not always the easiest but most rewarding pathway in the space, the place called Maine. Travel light, experience much more. None of the commercial insincerity, crime, all of the natural, rich goodness. That is Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker