Maine Is Not Easy To Describe.
The Beauty Of Maine, From Every Angle She’s Gorgeous, Natural, Simply Stunning. Sample ME.

In my day job of peddling Maine properties, besides talking about the real estate listings, lots of chatter happens with one big question posed, raised over and over.

The one out of town, state, country real estate buyers want to know about Maine. They ask “tell me about Maine”. Whoa. Gosh. Let me see now. That is hard to do because to sum up a place like Maine and do her justice means we need to take sufficient time to paint the picture. She is more than low property priced homes and land.

Like a very large rare diamond, Maine has so many deep facets, interesting angles, hidden features to get excited about, expound on.

She is four season outdoors but the people in the 108 small towns in Maine are the real spark, flavor, life of the communities. To sum up with a few words alone just does not do a proper job. The Maine local community video series is a better approach. With a smile from me and an invitation to let me show you, tell you about the area called Maine.By leading you by the hand, taking you as my guest around to the home town events, special places.

But for images of Maine, just one at a time layed down, played face up like aces, face cards in a high stakes poker game, double click, tap tap this link. Each Maine photo frame tries to capture bits and pieces of why Vacationland is special to me. And to show how spoiled folks like me who live here full time are. The thumbnails to the right of this Maine blog post hint at the Herculean task of summing up the expanse called Maine. When asked “what is Maine like?”.

Because this slide show is what happens in our Maine backyard.

The images play every day, all season long. And some folks beg, borrow and steal time away to just sample a long weekend. Or a few hours after hopping into a tender off a cruise ship. To go ashore, grab a lobster, steamed clams feed. Maybe a t-shirt momento, reminder of the visit. Stamped with a lighthouse, moose, blueberries or a potato field on it. Or maybe Mt Katahdin, a Sugarloaf, Sunday River. Allagash Wilderness, white water rafting image on it. And that has to suffice. Would not work for me. I need more Maine than a t-shirt provides.

This place, space called Maine, She gets in your system in a good way.

Tugs at your heart. You fall hook, line and sinker hopelessly in love. And good luck trying to get her off your mind. There is no cure once bitten. Always thinking of the next hiking, biking, ski trip. Or kayak, canoe, rafting river ride. Boat ride to explore her shores. To meet the down to Earth people. Hardworking, family centered, God fearing. The kind you don’t forget.

Folks in Maine are connected in the less populated regions scattered around the state. The little burgs Maine is blessed with of resourceful people doing the day to day among the wildlife. To thrive, survive and prosper with what we have. Which is more than enough. Sheer natural beauty and each other. Grateful for all we do have around us to enjoy without traffic, pushing, shoving, noise, crime. Or just too many wall to wall people, over development in lots of expensive places elsewhere. Get to Maine, don’t stay away so long.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker