Hiking In Maine, Finding The Best Trail.
When You Live In Maine, Everything You Need Is Right On Your Back, Carried With You Daily For Skills, Talent.

When you live in a small rural state like Maine, super specialized and narrow, just one trick pony is not so common.

Jack of all trades and master of none happens. But still pretty capable just the same. I’ll give it a whirl the attitude. Willing to learn, have to try.

Has to be that way. Digging deep for inner resourcefulness a given in Maine for survival. Because not a state flush with cash. Not populated shoulder to shoulder with a gazillion people. And greater fulfillment results when you one by one add skills. Hone the talent. Develop a passion for start to finish in many areas of your life in the Pine Tree State.

The problem with highly specific tasks, careers where you only are responsible for one element of the bigger picture is disconnect.

Hello? Does Johnny know what Jane is up to and how his actions, decisions affect her and the greater good of the project?

Unless a pretty responsive template is hammered out to round up the players in a task, a rudderless ship without a captain can be spotted on the horizon in the hour glass. Chaos can happen. No one knows what really is going on with the patient. Red flags spring up and go unnoticed. Unaware how your role dove tails, weaves into the tail feathers of others on the same team.

Yes, doing your little part of the job pretty efficiently.

Getting a gold star for the day. Hey. But not cross trained. Not staying on board to monitor the process. To be ready to anticipate problems ahead from experience. And to detour, to swerve. Miss by a whisker obstacles when on a collision course. Expensive delays, set backs because no one out on the cold frosty deck and iceberg night watch. Or misreading what’s up ahead. No one else to compare notes, put your head together with and join forces to correct the flawed compass heading.

All because you yourself did not do the hands on, the A to Z. Start to finish and the cast of players each with a specific assignment. Just one or two pieces of the puzzle busy work to chisel and shape. Everyone involved is just not so well connected, in touch constantly. Not in tune or sharing the same vision. Not all bosom buddies either.

Working for the same greater good not an underlying, guiding principle. And maybe egos are inflated, the individuals on the so call team a tad competitive. Out to advance their own career, not yours along the way with their efforts. Their personal goals and not the group assigned the task get in the way. Help create the vacuum. Stall the process in the middle of red tape quicksand.

In my job as a Maine real estate broker, I am so lucky.

Because the list and sell process is home made, personal, not farmed out. Hands on from the photo taking, the property detail note scribbling, the video shooting and editing. The full throttle marketing. To create the total picture of the local area the property listings I shepherd, market, sell to make a living is up to me, myself, I. Okay, I have an assistant that I tell people is really my boss and I work for her. Robin is a twenty year veteran right along side for support in the Maine real estate trenches. And like Radar on Mash, knows what to do before it is needed. And has a sixth sense of the who, what, when, how and why. She makes me look good. Cues, directs, reminds oh so well.

The satisfaction of being present from the birth to the end of the marketing life and subsequent Maine real estate closing is rewarding.

Because I don’t cloverleaf in and out to just do one part of the process. It is something new and different every day because the tasks change in the process to get from “A” to “B”. To set expectations for the real estate buyer and seller. And then go about making sure everything is seamless, smooth, educational, fun and rewarding for both parties.

Real estate is an emotional process dealing with settling estates, messy divorces, tragic job loss, health declines and drama. Because we deal with the public that can get feisty, cranked up and snarky. Especially when no one is providing them with service, answers, needed attention.

All the auxiliary players directly and indirectly involved in the process of Maine real estate selling, buying kept abreast of developments too.

Banks, lawyers, employers, insurance agents, appraisers, home inspectors, tradesmen and plenty more involved in the real estate process. The being David not working in a highly impersonal, pushing shoving environment of an urban real estate quagmire of Goliath’s is so reworking as a lone wolf. An small army able to do amazing things with the marketing sling shot.

Maine, big state, drop dead gorgeous and the people are real, friendly, fun.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker