Maine Lost Dog, But Not For Long.
Dogs Out Of Sight, Lost Can Scare An Owner.

The thought you should have had an electronic chip on your K-9 if he or she gets lost is a little late after MIA happens.

Lucy, a spring spaniel was out with his “mother” who was enjoying Maine light fluffy white snow. In the back field of a Maine farm. And then spotted a rabbit, failed to come back when called.

Lucy used to staying close, not venturing far.

And best focused on a shrill whistle which her “mother” could not do, perform. And even though usually a shadow, suddenly deviates with the smell of a rabbit. Something that makes, propels the four legged dog to bolt north. To seek a smell, follow a scent, tracks in the snow.

The dog’s owner called me in desperation. Her Lucy has gone in to the woods. And did not come out. Waiting but no Lucy. Time passed, shifting from heel to heel killing time on the cross county skies. Still no dog.

The closest house to look for Lucy, where she could have headed is skied to and a dog is heard barking inside. Looking through the side glass door window reveals a dog who is a spring spaniel. And at first glance Lucy’s owner thinks it is her, the fugitive dog being hunted. Black and white not brown and white. Drats.

I get a call as the landlord, for help and assistance as the local for out of state renters.

What to do? I call the owner of the springer in the house. Leave message we are putting out a neighborhood APB for Lucy. Pass it on. And assure Lucy’s upset mother that in time she will end up at the local humane society. That Lucy will show up, not to worry.

Lucy ends up going through the woods and up onto Interstate 95, and almost gets flatten by a car. That stops, opens the door and she hops in. The couple from Island Falls Maine are dog lovers. They deliver the K 9 to the Callaghan Road animal shelter but have to kill an hour before it opens.

Lucy’s owners call to see if they have seen a spring spaniel. The shelter front desk says they have seen a male, black and white but not a female. No Lucy.

The owner pleads for them to check again for a name tag with Lucy on it and they do. Expecting confirmation that the dog at the shelter is a male but whoa. She is a female. She is Lucy.

The couple nice enough to stop from Island Falls Maine are paid a visit, a gift certificate for appreciation is left and all is good. In the same day Lucy is lost, she is found. And a chip to tract her whereabouts is being injected to make any future loss shorter. More predictable to track.

Maine, the living is simple, the people are helpful, real, down to Earth.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME REALTOR