Small Maine Towns Are Connected, Help Each Other. Not Every Man For Himself Crime Riddled.
The Essentials For A Healthy, Happy Life Taught In A Maine Home, Household Growing Up In Rural Vacationland, The Pine Tree State.

There is a reason rear view mirrors are so small, the windshield in front so big.

And all that wrap around glass to see what’s going on from the sides. Looking back too much takes your eyes off the road. You miss what is happening now around you when traveling.

When you stop moving, you stop growing. And hindsight helps for perspective. But it is not the driver of the car now. Because everything does not stay the same. Some wished it did because it is easier when you’ve seen the movie, know the words to the song. Have danced the steps before. Or that is just a cruel habit that keeps you from realizing how good something you never try on your plate really is. No thank you helpings can lead to seconds, thirds and life long habits of new varied dining fare experiences right?

What are you afraid of in the unknown?

Loss of control, fear of a mistake in unchartered waters? Needing the safety of let’s do nothing and see what happens? When a small group in a Maine town together focus on solutions to tough situations, amazing things unfold. Good and bad until kinks found, removed. Until everyone agrees to disagree. Becomes proactive instead of reactive, roller derby happens. Here (motioning) put on these elbow and knee protectors. Make sure that helmet is strapped on extra tight. It’s going to get rough. Someone is going to get bloodied if it becomes a civil war of contention, finger pointing, back biting.

The frustration is not the other person. It is the quandary, quagmire we find ourselves in. Unhappiness goes down harder with a person that has lead a charmed, okay borderline spoiled life of privilege. The “work with what you have, make the most of it and just be glad for small improvement” is not enough gain. Sometimes too little too late. But right now, fix it for good, throw any amount of money at it and let’s move on. To more fun endeavors is not how life in a small rural Maine town works. Smaller, simpler, survival nut to crack daily strips away the non essentials.

Why Maine Happened, How So Important A Place Like Vacationland Is.

Economics, harder when they are not just local fun and games.

Because on the local level if everyone bought and sold, traded within your zip code, the closed circuit could thrive. With good service, competitive prices and having more of a selection than the other guy. But when Interstates, shopping malls, Amazon and a person not batting an eye to travel hundreds of miles to save ten, rut ro. Problems up on the bridge of that small Maine town.

And when a governor wannabe figures the little small towns that made the state great are not pulling their weight. Not holding their own. That kind of saber rattling, poison pen journalism makes you nervous. Or why not dig in, look within and remind all in the huddle this game is far from over boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen. We can win, and by a large margin if we work together. We’re Mainers remember?

To work toward improving the local economy starts with accessing, arranging what face cards you hold as a Maine town.

Inventory of what we have that some other places do not. Our strengths, talents, natural resources are the kitchen ingredients for something good to serve. But beefing up areas of the pantry that are low on supplies needed. To know where the money and time should be spent to have ammo for what we need to keep shooting, growing. Protecting the economy of that small Maine town. Preserve the existing Maine businesses before chasing new ones should happen too. Interview those already here and learn their challenges.

Help them, all local Maine businesses before they close their doors because of a blind eye, deaf ear.

Next, throwing out the “but but but we have always done it this way before” logic which is using that rear view or side mount mirrors exclusively. We may need to back up if on the wrong rabbit trail. But these new and improved west coast mirrors like the RV and big rig professionals drive with should help. Look ahead in the here and now. Read, watch, learn that the landscape has changed. While you and I have been enjoying sips of coffee, under the stars, strumming a guitar, after a bean dinner by the camp fire.

There is work to do, roll up that blanket, tighten the girth on your painted pony.

We are staring down the barrel of some hard charging, fast riding and neck reining barrel racing maneuvers. Because gotta stay awake, or at least snooze with one eye left propted open. Much to do before we fall sleep again.

Maybe have been snoozing and loosing, napping too much to see what is happening for economic and social erosion. Keep an open mind. Conflict resolution in a small town, in a partnership from marriage is an art. Nothing personal taken, happens when brainstorming to cause the blood to boil right? Frustration with the problem does not mean attack the players that are all in this together. Solutions, not negativity should be served up during work sessions. Unity is hard but no other option. Less people, plenty of decisions and hard work means gotta get along. More than ever.

Maine, big state, less people, a tad insulated, not isolated. Which can be good and bad. Serving up a challenge. Volume is important in sales. Because the profit is smaller. The income is in the expenses and way you run a tight ship. Cruising the facility looking for slack constantly. Our local government, schools, population in small Maine towns have to hunker down. But our history shows we are highly resourceful if Augusta, Washington goes easy on its regulation, restrictive demands. Anything that constrains, adds to the financial drain.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker