Maine, Plenty Of Elbow Dream, Space To Dream, Breathe, Live.
Make The Move, Find Out What Has Been Missing. Get The Space In Maine.

When you are wall to wall cramped for space it takes much of your effort to just avoid stepping on toes.

Being in someone’s face. Giving or getting an elbow in the ribs. Poked in the eye. Sucker punched when you did not see it coming. That’s no fun. That’s not Maine.

Our rural Maine country location a few extra clicks up the pike, Interstate 95 helps insulate us.

Sets the stage for extra helpings of the good stuff, more outdoor natural living. Which translates to plenty of wildlife, not so many people. Lots of woods, open fields, mountain views and running water.

We’re talking the kind of H2O you don’t pay for, not heavily dosed with chlorine, fluoride. Get a mail utility bill each month to have to square away. Clean, unspoiled therapeutic water to reflect by, sit beside, to fish, swim, boat, think.

So wouldn’t everyday you wake up with plenty of space, wide open surroundings wrapping around you improve the odds of a better outlook on life?

That’s one big point for living in Maine. Add to it that Maine is the 4th lowest crime state. That has to help make you be a little less nervous, jittery. To stop looking over your shoulder in fear right? Don’t you have more confidence, greater optimism, won’t you achieve more if you feel safe? Have plenty of space to create? Not living in fear for your life, your loved ones. Or loss of your sentimental personal items that were handed down, that mean something to you. That you cherish, work hard to protect.

Isn’t it healthier to run the day and not have it run you? To be in a place where you need less crutches for insecurities, band aides for fears and to just cope with the overwhelming day to day. But if so much of your life is spent stuck in honking grid lock, surrounded by angry motorists, chasing the almighty dollar in shadowy concrete jungles of cloverleafs, tunnels, parking garages, and traffic lights, isn’t that one big distraction that robs you?

Maine simple living is like shaking your etch-a-sketch.

Washing clean your personal blackboard. That urban living pretty much clutters up to the point that there is nothing on them that is you. Because there is no space. No room. No time for who are you, where do you want to be, where is this train headed? Or is it even moving to some place better, healthier if you are wedged tightly between a rock and a hard place. And can not get out. And no one around you seems to care, be too concerned. No big whoop dog. Because they are too busy treading water. Standing still, wasting life and in their own do or die situation in the hustle bustle of big city, bright lights fast paced blur.

Not bashing cities, living just enough for them as Stevie Wonder sings. Just a personal fan of Maine.

But just making a point that for many, to be happy and content starts with plenty of space, room to stretch, to easily breathe. The ability to step back and get a sense of perspective. To not be pushed face first, squished into too tight a quarters for living. And if these basics are missing long enough, doesn’t the “prison living” takes it toll?

Because you are missing, lacking the most basic elements of healthy, safe, clean surroundings. Without the noise of the crowds where your individual voice is lost, where you can not even hear yourself think. Spend some alone time with yourself to ask how’s it going? To free you up to be there for you. Not living life on a roller derby course daring someone to just try and get too close. Wearing torn elbow and tattered knee pads, a dented, rusted helmet in a dog eat dog, kill or be killed grab for survival attitude. That’s not Maine. That’s not needed.

Learning is the beginning of wealth.

And the Maine setting is the nice white clean brand new canvas to to begin your journey. To wake up, add to what you accomplished yesterday, the day before in the collection of life experiences. Mainers don’t stay idle, they work hard. But just not at frittering our time with traffic, crime, rhetoric, spin or insincerity and all the nonsense of the dark side of city living. To get ahead or just stay afloat.

Maine is a collection of scattered, sparse but vibrant small towns.

Where the population is keenly community minded. Individually connected to help out. Have a purpose for the greater good for others in the village. We learn and lean on each other. We are not surface fake smiles but deeper, resilient, resourceful, helpful, genuine. Willing to lend a hand back and forth. Have to be because money is not plentiful. Removed from consideration, stripped from the equation. I think we are richer for it, because what we earn is not the stuff money can buy.

Maine living is the real, simple, honest experiences that define us. Strengthens us as it’s own reward of internal joy. Lasting, growing independence. Not external store bought and temporary or fleeting. Nope. Get to Maine, don’t stay away so long. See what you have been missing. Did not know still existed except in dreams, fiction, history.

I’m Maine Real Estate Broker, ME REALTOR Andrew Mooers