Digging Your Own Hole In Life.
Got To Get A Rhythm When You Got The Blues.

Maine is a great state for retreats, private times in beautiful places without all the wall to wall people.

To spend memorable moments reflecting with just you, yourself and I. Removing all the distractions, crutches, conversations and deadlines. Stripping away the old comfortable ways that have gotten you this far. Putting the “fun” in dysfunction. But limiting anything that has kept you from living up to your full potential.

In my job the common theme from out of state Maine real estate buyers is something is missing. Not happy but not sure why. Thinking it must be others, can’t possibly be just me. And a change of geography, a whole new natural backdrop, a slower natural place like Maine has got to help find what is lacking. Some are running away from skeletons of the past. Many are living fast forwarded way into tomorrow. Anxious to fulfill future dreams put on hold for too long. And time’s a wastin’. Better chop chop hop to it.

Others are trying to strip away what has robbed their peace, inner joy, kept them from experiencing a fuller, deeper life.

To tighten the focus on just deal with today. Living in today. Johnny Cash sang about needing to “Get A Rhythm” when you got the blues. To get back on your feet. To walk the line when there’s a burning ring of fire. And you feel like you’re in Folsom Prison. Oh yeah, that comes in future songs he penned. To get the suffering, frustration, confusion out. Sang to help ease the pain. To make room in the over crowded heart that was wore black to free up space so understanding could hang it’s hat. Come home to roost.

Hello, I’m Johnny Cash, Remind You To Get A Rhythm In Song Video.

How to feel comfortable in your own skin. Starts with no longer trying to meet the expectations of everyone around you. That for some reason want, need to define you when they should be working on their own short comings. To keep their eyes on their own laundry list of faults, struggles. Some say loved ones are hard on each other because they just want to help improve you. But we are our own worst, harshest critics. Without rhythm in the song we sing, the notes just don’t arrange themselves so sweetly. But we have to write our own sheet music. Or play it by ear as the measures roll on. You are the best star to be considered for the role of “This Is Your Life”. No one else.

When you have kept yourself pretty much round the clock busy, time alone to hear yourself think is not allowed to happen. And when you are not confident without approval, validation of others around you, spending time alone can be awkward. Fish out of water uncomfortable. But what you don’t enjoy is often the bitter tasting medicine you need to swallow. The old adage about what does not kill you makes you stronger rings true. You don’t always get what you wanted but always what you needed happens.

The bottom line of the pitch from many advertisements we are bombarded with these days is it’s time to change you.

Become the new you with this product, service, book, set of CD’s with three easy payments. Maybe the old you has just been slammed into park. Not allowed to be started up, taken for a spin. As the Guess Who sand “I got got got no time.”.

Obligations in life put off the self analysis. Raising a family, holding down a job to make a living, working on the many relationships around us through out life. Not a lot of time left for just how are you doing questions. Posed eye to eye with the guy or gal you share the mirror with brushing teeth, combing hair each morning.

Slowly, as kids leave the nest, the learning curve of a career planes out, many find Maine is the place with the space. To really start to learn about yourself. The things that make you happy. Make you tick. And you find that inner rhythm. By taking better care of you first. Not just pulled like the scarecrow apart at the seams default pattern to end all make everyone around you happy.

It can sound selfish but you are not thumbing your nose at the world when you put your foot down.

It’s just when you reach a point in life where a shift happens. A conscious adjustment causes the factoring in of more alone time. Me quality time. To not just get your satisfaction externally any more. But adding the most important element of joy. Built from within, deep inside. To places not many are allowed. No fly zones. To areas even you have to open up the Delorme Gazateer to explore, find your way around. The way back out.

You know the expression that you can tell what is happening within a person by what’s written all over their face? Not the staged smile that they hide behind when people are looking. The contenance, way they project, what radiates from deep down can not be kept a secret. Even though the world is your stage and we are but mere actors playing out our roles in quiet desperation.

Maine, explore, discover, relax. Whew. You made it. No hurry to leave, no reason to stay away.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker