Quiet, Gentle, Beautiful. Like All Of Maine.
Patten Maine Deer Pose, Smile, Stop For The Camera.

When you live in a city, urban area life comes at you from all sides, with greater intensity, stress.

Maine is not like that. Rural means less people, more wildlife. Greater natural surroundings that have not been spoiled, over taxed. And when it comes time to build something, whoa. No big run around like large, expensive population areas. Where it’s layers and layers of government. Take a number, have a seat.

Don’t get me wrong. Cities are vibrant, fun to visit and Maine has a few. But the connection in smaller communities in Maine give you a sense of being needed. Home grown and special. And everyone pitches in. Needs each other. Cares deeply about other individuals besides just taking care of themselves.

Life is short and worry about Maine crime is not a past time in the 4th lowest state for it.

Lack of traffic makes things smoother, less of a bottle neck too. The four season outdoor recreational living, the scope of fun that is low or no cost is a bonus. One of many folks living in Maine full or part time quickly discover when retiring, relocating or just investing in property here. Making this a good place to retire, relocate, invest in Maine real estate.

Maine, you’ll love her for the long list of what is unique about the place. But get just as up and down excited, Antsy, anxious in a good way. About getting to the state in the upper right hand corner of the country with the even longer list of what we don’t have to put up with. That other places have to put up with, that interfere with healthy, happy living. And providing the sane, drama free surroundings needed for raising a family, working a career that satisfies fully. And having fun in the process being in a state of Maine. get here quick as you can. Find your place in the space called Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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