Find Out More About Maine Lighthouses, Like Bass Harbor Maine
Maine's Bass Harbor Lighthouse Is One Of 68 To Explore.

For years you have worn a tie cutting off your air supply, been chained, pinned to the wall by a corporate office desk.

But no longer because years ago you invested in a Maine waterfront property. And now have the time, your schedule permanently cleared to enjoy it to the fullest. And because the Maine real estate is on the waterfront, the options to enjoy each day to the fullest are endless.

There is no right or wrong way to enjoy a Maine lake, a coastal park lighthouse, or just being riverside camping.

You decide what to fill your day to day in the four season outdoors of Maine. Investing in kayaks, bikes, hiking / camping gear, a set of down hill and cross country skis is a good start. You can add a motor to the fun with boats, snow sleds, four wheelers and dirt bikes. But the quiet to think, experience wildlife, natural sounds happens best when everything is turned off, unplugged in Maine.

Plenty of fun can be had at Maine local farmer’s markets, exploring the neat small towns and villages Vacationland is famous for round the blue and green revolving marble. But outdoors, not with a zillion people handy to your elbow or any one at all is where the peace, deep reaching experience happens.

Or heading to exotic places in Maine like Gulf Hagas. A day on a Maine river rafting. Regardless of what you decide to do outdoors in Vacationland, bring a camera to savor the images of the Maine fun in the sun.

Entertaining yourself in Maine.

Creating unique, taylored to just you outings is so easy. And no cost, low cost is the cherry on top once you live full time in Maine. Thinking of relocating, retirement or just investing in some Maine real estate? I know a broker who is ready to help you with that dream. To scratch that itch, satisfy the hunger deep inside you to get to Maine. Start tapping into the four season natural outdoor recreational opportunities you deserve, have earned in life.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker