Maine Family Outings Any Of The Four Seasons. Get To Maine.
Life Is A Journey, Take The Family On A Winter Maine Snowsled Trip.

Small town living, Maine is famous for down to earth real genuine people that care about each other.

Many out of state Maine real estate buyers repeat the same regret. The nice little town they used to live in is not any longer out of state. What happened? Simple. Too many people moved in.

Because Maine is a tad up the Interstate 95 in the right hand corner of the country, our location almost in Canada means insulation from over crowding. Small Maine towns are tighter, special, more home grown too. Because it is up to us to pitch in, volunteer to step up and do our part.

Making Music In Small Town Maine Community Band Video.

Fresh Veggies Home Grown, Locally Raised Farmer’s Market Video.

Mainers are more involved, aware of the people around them.

And the four season natural beauty we enjoy year round, not just sample one week a year in Vacationland means we are grateful. In our right place and know it.

I am some kind of happy that my kids were raised in a small town atmosphere where the entire village has a hand in raising them. We rely, can depend on each other. Everyone has a purpose, talent, skills and raises their hand to throw their weight in to local community events.

Community, civic club, school and church service are a given when you live in Maine.

A state not flush with cash to hire what needs doing to create the local flavor. But Maine individuals coming forward to whole heartedly do their part for the greater good. That is selfless which society is not so prone to be these days of “it’s all about me”.

Maine has lots of beautiful adjectives to describe her. But family, local home town proud is the real sparkle on the natural gem. If you live here, compare her to other places, I am preaching to the choir. If you are in an urban, city area high in crime and expense physically, mentally, financially to live there, have hope. Don’t stop dreaming.

Look over the images, photos of Maine and see why the setting of four seasons is one big ingredient for better living. Watch a few Maine local community video events and meet, hear from the people. And the cherry on top besides 4th lowest crime state, 46th lowest for FSSR, is low cost real estate.

Are you ready to take the step in relocation, moving to Maine or owning a piece for vacation recreational use? Can help you out in that regard. Maine, I am a personal fan like everyone who lives here. Get here quick as you can.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker