Maine Farm Land Is Lusher, More Productive, Green Grassed.
Greener Grass On The Outside, Other Side Of The Fence.

Maybe the pasture is not large enough to meet the grass needs for the number of horses crowded in it.

So they get hungry, restless. Start to feel tempted and check out the neighborhood. Out west when taking the youngest to college last year and driving the red jeep called Sally. The one that four kids learned how to master the road with, Elliot and I saw a lot of wide open grass land.

On the way to Colorado Springs where Elliot goes to college, there were huge Kansas corn and grass fields but the vegetation looked parched.

Thirsty, over baked in the ceramic kiln like heat conditions unlike Maine’s weather, climate. Out west in places it takes three acres to support the four legged animals. In Aroostook County, the same cow or horse can do quite nicely with one acre due to better conditions. Less heat, more water, sometimes better soils.

More is not always better. Like life when the more we get, the more we want. Kind of like beat the buffet gluttony to get your money’s worth thinking. That habit can lead to how are you going to top that one, to get beyond same old same old to maintain fireworks life excitement.

Looking for greener grass can happen when what you have to survive on is lacking, not enough.

But unless an animal is a gypsy, renegade and just likes to take to the open road like a hobo jumping a rumbling by freight train, they stay content. In the pasture because they are getting what they need. Are peaceful, well fed. As for gratitude, not sure if cows, horses do that and will get back to you after a little more research.

People are like those animals and charging through a fence to get to something greener starts because of unmet needs. Food is a pretty basic need like air, water, shelter, family, love. Often what you are lacking can be accommodated with communication, negotiation. Or acceptance that what you expect from others is going to have to come from within yourself. Or some of the needs no one, not you, not others can provide either. Only God can.

Is your happiness external, showy, a lifestyle needing wheelbarrows of dead green Presidents to provide?

That kind of happy feeling will not last. But the inner joy that radiates from within because you have all you need, maybe not all you thought you wanted is the 180 degree direction some of us need to take. There is a turn around, reverse direction jug handle just up ahead. Get on your knees, look for it. Don’t miss the cue.

When you take a trip in to the islands and are looking for a tour guide for the day, check the van or taxi dash. You see lots of Bibles, but look for a well worn, heavily used one. That is your man.

On a family vacation trip to Jamaica, with the kid jammed van we negotiated a price, hammered out an itinerary and after beaches, shopping made one more stop. I asked if the driver would kindly drive us in to the heart of the island, away from what only the tourist see. To show us where he lives. He seemed surprised, then smiled and said sure.

Twisting, winding, narrow roads that went straight up and then the bottom dropped out of them made all of us question the logic of my request.

Other vans, taxis with “toot toot” passed us with not much more than a few sheets of paper tolerances between our door handles and mirrors. All drivers friendly, waving, honking in their own unique style, rhythm, tempo.

The “home sweet home” our driver was proud to point out had no windows, was built of odds and ends of cinderblock, mishaped dimension wood. Surrounded by a collection of other rag tag motley affair homes with the same lack of repair. Flapping rusted metal roofing challenged too many times by frequent hurricanes in the local weather forecast.

Scrawny dogs roamed the roadway. You sensed they were the villages, not any one in particular that kept track of their shots, flea collars, wormer trips to the vets. But the kids remarked, noticed that all the villagers were happy. Poor and did not know it? Or grateful for what they did have. Never lamenting what they did not.

It was not a case of ignorance is bliss.

That they did not know any different. It was because all the glitz, shiny colors and expensive hooplah, trappings were not an option. And they were freed up to dig, search deeper within themselves.

Gaining self satisfaction. Raising self esteem and gaining a sense of self worth radiating obvious joy from within out. Not expecting others around them, events to unfold for fleeting happiness from outside.

The kids noticed and pointed out that they have nothing yet the islanders have everything they need.

And despite poverty hardships, are freed up in a material sense to concentrate, focus intently on the areas of real value in life, relationships with others that all of us need.

If you are a loner, do it all yourself self contained, open up that shell. Ask for help, extend it as a good servant. Be more aware of others. Examine why that shell was created in the first place.

And about that pasture you tend. Fix, mend your own fences, tend your own pastures. Keep anything you cherish, protect under watchful eye with greater awareness of what happens if your pasture is not kept green, healthy for greater meaning out of your life of service to others. Get on your knees, water, fertilize, love it like your special personal garden for greener pastures.

Maine, the right setting to live a rich, full natural life surrounded by four seasons beauty.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker