Ease Up On The Throttle, Relax, You Are In Maine.
Park It Here, Next To Something Wet, Some Maine Waterfront To Relax.

Do you live in a crowded, busy, noisy, crime riddled area?

Where wall to wall angry people are elbow to elbow, bumper to bumper day in, day out? How’s that setting, surroundings working for you on gaining a greater inner peace? Is that the ideal setting to empty your mind of negative thoughts, worries? Can you find a deeper level of relaxation in an over populated area flooded with all that stress encircling you?

That’s where a place like Maine comes in. New Jersey has 1000 people per square mile. Aroostook County Maine in the same 208 x 208 square has only 11. Think that spacing helps you see, collect, experience stepping stones of life that lead to personal growth?

Do you think a four seasons drop dead gorgeous state like Maine is the best setting to work on your character?

That maybe Maine is a better place to raise your kids and have them have the essential lessons needed to survive in a crazy world? That’s why I live here and this is my Maine story.

In a pristine state like Maine, it is easier to feel, hear, talk to God too. All the unspoiled natural beauty helps a person open their heart, mind. To begin to trust others more, to believe in themselves as we all get on our knees and work daily to improve.

Because relationships with the people God puts in our path, other people are the most precious institution we should be working on round the clock. Not just thinking of our selfish natures and expecting heaven on Earth to happen. That comes later if….

You can see the original and intended shape of your life if you let him come in to your life.

He wants you and me to take on his values. To develop character, attitudes that reflect him. You don’t lose your unique personality when you turn your life over to him. But your character gets hoisted up on the lift and and the power tools, air wrenches start whirring with NASCAR efficiency.

You exist for God’s purposes.

Other people can not make you happy and often some of what you need only God can provide. Even if others in your life bend over backwards to try to give you what you want, need.

Give them an “A” for effort but also realize why they get exhausted, why the other retreats because needs are not known or not met. On both sides of the relationship. Then silence, resentment, hurt feelings and lonliness happens. Not what God intended.

We make a mess of things when we try as males to fix them ourselves without taking everything by God first. To make sure it is consistent, Biblical and is led by the Holy Spirit. God is working in me, giving me a desire to obey him and the power to do what pleases him.

We live in an age of spin, all about me, half truths, situational ethics and rationalizing, playing God.

Thinking our success is because of your own creative efforts alone. Stop lying, fooling yourself and get on your knees and give credit where it is do. Trust and obey.

Open your heart, mind and ask for a head to toe review but be prepared for surprises, to be broken, to not like all the junk or be proud of all that comes out. But if you don’t and just sweep things under the carpet, major speed bumps will stop your dead in your tracks in time. Sooner than later is the key for the loved ones around you to benefit from a new and improved you.

Be accountable.

Get to church and stay there in fellowship, community. Renew your minds, life, family, relationships. Become more beautiful on the inside and worry less about the external appearance, the flesh.

Die to self. Turn over your life to God who directs our thoughts, actions, helps us rebuild our missing pieces of our total character that we are not to proud of when exposed for the world to see. Maine is the state for the overhaul of your insides…your heart, mind, soul.

Are you ready to leave the rat race and settle down on a Maine farm for self sufficient living? By a Maine lake for some peace and quiet to find your inner peace? Life is not easy, but is more enjoyable in Maine where you will like what we don’t have as much as what we do. No locked doors, people wave, care and pray about you. Check in on you. We need each other. Simple living, friendlier people, better family values…Maine. Consider working harder on your relationships. Moving, relocating, investing in Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker