Come Meet The People Of Maine. Some Kind Of Friendly, Warm.
Maine Is Four Seasons, Sample Them All.

When someone takes a trip, the slide show of images from the adventure to a new area are collected, watched, shared, enjoyed.

Maine has lots of images many who are here have captured. Thousands of events in different seasons in Maine are out there for those new to Vacationland to start collecting. Here are just a few I have been lucky to shoot. Uploaded for others to study, enjoy from traveling, living in Maine.
Maine, I am a personal fan of the areas around this big, interesting state of vibrant local smaller communties.

You will become hooked on the places, Maine people too!

Follow our other sister Maine blog posts too to learn more about this state in the upper right hand corner, almost in Canada! Watch our local Maine community videos too. They are 30 frames or “pictures” per second and you get to hear the local sounds, people too! Helpful links that the local tourist information Maine brochure left out might be of help as you increase your knowledge on “Vacationland”.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, Broker