You Don't See These In Cities. No Moose, No Space Or Land.
Land Prices Rising, Maine Land Market Strong.

If you quizzed the average American who lives in a crowded area, who dreads the daily adventure of a long grueling commute, he might share the desire to own some Maine land.

A big piece, property with acreage and lots of space, elbow room. Moving to the country where land is low cost, in plentiful supply is easy in a rural state like Maine. In Aroostook County there are eleven people per square mile. Land for under $1000 an acre that is high quality, often with waterfront or fertile soil, some type of woods growing on it. Lot of Maine wildlife.

When you live in a small Maine community you get spoiled, forget what 6 lanes of expressway traffic looks like. Until you take a son or daughter back to an out of state college. And get to see what real traffic is. What grid lock feels like. What having to avoid bumping in to someone, something feels like. In Maine the energy to protect, police your personal space is not a concern. It does not sap your mental strenth because of space, less people, fewer cars, the 4th lowest state crime statistic.

I see more telecommuters buying Maine land and hobby farms, something on the waterfront.

Broadband ever increasing connectivity speeds mean bring the job you do now there, here.

With a phone, fax, Internet connection the person purchasing your goods, services does not care if you live near the Bronx Expressway or in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago.

As you see food shortages on the latest, strongest Japanese earthquake, tsunami news coverage you also think of what if food ran low in the city. Or got so expensive that the price per gallon of gas is forgotten, or thought small potatoes now. Because basic good wholesome food is scarce and expensive and you, your famly is getting hungry. Or a bigger share of your wages after health care costs, insurances, gas, mortgages is being gobbled up, ecliped by what happens at the grocery store.

Maine’s land market is a strong one. And in a time when we see the media, real estate agents, brokers, REALTORS in some areas talk about housing bubbles, price spikes and uncertainity. And it is house this, home that as if that is the only kind of real estate listing bought and sold. Maybe because no land comes with that condo or McMansion. None to spare, gone in the concrete jungle. But nothing like Maine where you could buy 200 acres for less than $65000.

If you would like to buy a Maine 50 acre farm with abandoned home, double garage for $35,900, this real estate listing might fit your needs. Working on it vacations, using it as a recreational purchase. That eventually you retire to full time. Have a few hen chickens, grow enough to feed yourself, raising critters too. And maybe heading in to the farmers market to feed others. Enjoying plenty of clean, safe Maine drinking water.

Land values nationally have gone up 10% or more last year at a time when all you hear about the USA real estate market is about the problem areas in Florida, Michigan, California. Rural American real estate brokers are listing, selling more and more land. For lots of reasons beyond just a good investment that never disappears in value on paper like stocks. Underneath all is the land. I know someone who can help you own a piece of Maine land.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, Broker