New Snow In Aroostook County Means Freshly Groomed Snowsled Trails.
Seeing Maine On A Snowsled, Snowmobile Means Getting Places You Can Not By Car.

Maine is four seasons and winter is not a time to hibernate, shiver, hide out indoors.

We ski cross country and down hill. Snowsledding is big and the ITS trail is 3500 miles long. Ice fishing and hockey games have a heck of a local following.

And those snowsled trails groomed by these Tuckers pulling drags to smooth the path for snowmobiles, snowsleds. The new snow was piled high but light and fluffy, full of air. But we’ll take it and are grateful.

Crystal clear day with new snow, cobalt blue cloudless Maine skies today and the local motels will fill with sled trailers. Mars Hill Mountain’s Big Rock and Sugarloaf USA in Carrabasset Valley, other snow capped peaks will benefit from this new snow too.

Maine, one big state, four seasons to enjoy the outdoor recreation.

From a Maine mountain top, or riding a snowmobile you see beauty that is unspoiled and causes you to lose your voice, choke up. It is spiritual, hits you deeply when you are transported to this special place called Maine.

No matter what the season. Maine, she grabs your heart, in a good way and will not let go no matter how hard your try to break loose. Get here quick as you can.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers