Your MeInMaine blog post author Andrew Mooers is on a family vacation to London England, Amsterdam Holland, and Paris France
Most Visited World Site, Eiffel Tower
Lighted And High Enough To See For Over 40 Miles.
and think of my parents who were on part of the same trip back in 1963.

I worked some long hours and squirreled away the funds for this vacation. My parents won their trip 47 years ago. I remember North East Airlines landing at the Houlton Maine International Airport to pick them up as a child of 7.

My great Aunt Hettie took care of us back on the Maine potato farm my parents owned.

My Dad entered a contest with Bemis bag company, the outfit he bought his potato bags from and crossed his fingers. In twenty five words or less, explain why you like Bemis bags was the vacation to London / Paris trip winning question.

I remember looking at the images, the slide show carousels of the trip and thinking some day making the same European jaunt.

Living in Maine, it is neat in mid winter to head to blue green water, to jack the heat up a tad and enjoy a change of scenery.

But the trips through the Louvre, up in to the Eiffel Tower and Arc De Triomphe, seeing Big Ben and London Bridge, St Paul’s Cathedral make me feel close to my parents. Both parents gone now but my two boys and I no doubt tramping the same tourist sites, vacation attractions as they had nearly five decades before.

Fun trip but anxious to get oldest son to last semester at George Washington University in DC after getting back to the states. And to enjoy youngest son a few more weeks home from Colorado College in Colorado Springs CO. Maine, big state, neat place to be from or vacation in.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers