Moonlighting, extra jobs to round out the process of promoting Maine, getting the word out about the Pine Tree State, Vacationland up here in the right hand corner of the country.

For years MeInMaine author yours truely has been a member of the Active Rain blog network. And if you follow the MeInMaine blog posts, you might enjoy a few of the posts on the AR platform.

The Active Rain blog network is over 198,000 strong. In addition to real estate related topics covered in depth, many communities around the world are highlighted. Images, videos, helpful links and just information from local real estate related industry bloggers are posted hourly by many.

Who better than a local, live eye in the sky at the scene of the community center to post about anything from schools, where to eat, health care and what to do for fun than a native of the village.

I love where I live, what I do and writing about it is not hard. Our videos also show the area, community events in Maine. Please visit our new Maine real estate site too if you have some time.

Thank you for following me on MeInMaine blog. Please check out the extensive Active Rain blog post.
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