Sunrise On A Maine Lake Is Special, Spiritual.
Maine Has 6000 Lakes To Enjoy.

When you move to Maine from out of state, become a resident you worry about what needs to be done and when.

Paper work and the cost, time table to do it. Like usually one of the first concerns is your new Maine driver’s license from another state. When do you have to get a Maine driver’s license and how is a frequently asked question we hear at a Maine real estate brokerage office.

Answer is within thirty days of becoming a resident of Maine, you need to do some paperwork to change over your out of state driver’s license to legally use the roads in Vacationland. Run through a Maine Department of Motor Vehicle out of state change of driver’s license process.

And you are an avid fisherman, hunter, snowsledder. One of the reasons you are moving, relocating to Maine. And you wonder how much it will cost for an in state Maine hunting, fishing, snowsledding, ATV or boat registration license. To get the card or sticker to be legal in Maine. Well fishing licenses in Maine cost 25 dollars for in state residences. For a combination Maine hunting, fishing license the cost is 42 dollars.

And sometimes no cost involved to fish in Maine happens.

Maine residents (and immediate family members who live with that person) may fish without a license from their own land if that person owns more than 10 acres of land, lives on that particular piece of land, and the land is used exclusively for agricultural purposes.

Registering on line for the $41 dollar Maine instate snowsled fee to use the 3500 miles of groomed trails and to be legal with your ATV, boat too is possible. For registering boats, the fee depends on horsepower and there is a $10 extra river and lake protection fee. See the adjusted rates for the different crafts and how the motor size can cause varying amounts due the state of Maine to be legal in the above link.

Inland fisheries and wildlife in Maine is funded, runs day to day on these fees for licensing and from fines for violations exclusively to police the valuable, precious Maine wildlife and natural resources Vacationland, The Pine Tree State is famous for. The $10 extra for water resource protection for watercraft is for Maine milfoil water plant growth, infestation control education and other waterfront use guidelines.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers