Maine Is Natural, Four Season, Green Living.
Make It Green, Swim In The Color In Maine.

Living green in Maine, with a life and death awareness, urgency.

Because its more important than that. Mainers are built, wired, grounded with the four seasons that swirl and nurture around us.

Survival meaning you can not white flag it, no running out and just buy the solution option.

Take care of what we have, respect for your surroundings and others. That is the axiom that is kept simple in Maine. So all the green green living this and that buzz talk makes Mainer’s smile. Being green saves money.

It goes back to living on the farm, growing your own food. Heating with equal length, split chunks of beech, maple, birch, oak fuel from the back forty woodlot. Composting waste vegetable peelings, anything organic. Spreading animal manure fertilizer on fields. Using the sunny breeze to air dry your clothing, laundry.

Blown away by the natural beauty of whatever season in Maine happens every day when you live here. Spoiled with our rich local beauty with 6000 lakes, all that that wildlife but conserving the resources around us.

Helping our kids to learn the same respect.

Passing on the green tradition we called country living…before everyone else applied a color to it.

Taking nothing for granted. Always knowing how lucky we are to find ourselves in Maine. Maybe before you get here its like living partially, or fully paralyzed. Maine, get here quick as you can. The attitude, its happy for all we have, it’s all good here.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers