Maine Youth, Kids Work The Potato Harvest And Don't Feel Picked On, Taken Advantage Of.
Maine Potato Harvest Workers, Kids In The Fields Picking Spuds.

Watching a movie last week with my oldest son Alex, the main star was asked where is Hell, does it exist?

The questioner was looking for a place and the response was “Other people are Hell”. It sounds sad to say we make our own misery being ungrateful or thinking we did not get a fair shake in life. But happy, it’s a full time job, decision to live our lives. Show our kids, local communities.

Stephen Hayes has his happiness viewpoint perspective to share. I believe where you live, the surroundings have plenty to do with your happiness meter reading. To avoid the “tilt” light from glowing, coming on, Maine offers more scenery, less people. Maybe that combination provides the daily playing field we wake up to, leave behind when the Sandman visits.

My job as a Maine real estate broker is to provide tons of information on properties with boat loads of images, helpful links and blog post copy and video productions of the area and listings.

But just as important as the property that I make my bread and butter from is to sell, the area of Maine, Maine itself, the place and people just as big a part of the marketing, story telling.

If you love where you live, you are in your right place. Your job, day to day is not a labor, tedious. Like the glass slipper Cinderella was made to wear, Maine is one big beautiful unspoiled state to consider. Move here, retire and relocate to Vacationland. Low cost investment with wide open four seasons return is what Maine offers for folks serious about fun, family, being happy.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers