Maine Waterfront Properties Have Strict Shoreland Zoning Regulations, Protective Codes.
Maine Waterfront, Protect, Cherish It.

Maine is the destination and being next to water, on a lake, river or something waterfront property related is the mission.

You are not interested in an existing structure and frankly have found the places in your price range are often a pile of rotten boards. In the shape of a camp, cottage but like a house of cards a good wind could level.

By the time you undo, redo and make do you still do not have the Maine waterfront property you had hoped for. But lots of receipts for beaucoup dollars poured in to the lesson in futility.

The one good thing though about existing Maine waterfront property with a structure is you are usually closer than 100 feet to the shoreline, grandfathered in.

Rebuild around the same spot, foot print. And the crude but existing septic system even if a 55 gallon metal drum is something to get your foot in the door for an upgrade. Improving an existing system has lots of added Maine shoreland zone extra plumbing code options too.

Septic holding tank permits without a leach field for new construction don’t happen, are not issued. But existing places as a last resort, in a hardship could be approved. Expensive to pump a 2000 gallon holding tank too many times a year. And a septic full alarm system put in place, contract with tank pumper needed establishment too. Composting, gas toilets, privvies or outhouses and non pressurized water facilties also part of the plumbing code sub chapters to fully understand. Study the options, alternatives for wastwaster, both gray and black. Read more on Maine’s shoreland zoning here.

So empty lot, on a Maine lake, you can clear 30 percent of the trees. No, it can not be totally de-treed and crew cutted causing soil erosion. Disturbing the local wildlife’s habitat and causing eye sores as others tour by in a kayak, boat. Lakes by the way if they could talk would make it clear, they hate lawns, like trees, ground cover, bushes, wild flowers. Make sure you get a Maine septic system soil test HHE 200 done by a site evaluator too.
Before you buy. To know if you can put in a new septic system or not and what the cost will be. If the Maine waterfront shoreland is poorly drained, has the wrong soil profile, is boulder city, an extra land purchase across the road behind you is an option to explore. Again, before you buy this Maine waterfront shoreland that may be nothing more than a day lot, not buildable without that soil test / septic option.

How close is the neighboring well, water souce and septic tanks, leachfields?

Or is there an intermittent brook, wetland or vernal pool to consider as well?

Hopefully the extra land if needed for the septic above and beyond the lot price on the Maine lake, pond, river is not offered at a gun to your head, king’s ransom price level either. Protecting Maine’s natural resources is not a case of being difficult, stubborn. It’s plain good stewardship. Passing the Maine waterfront real estate on to your kids, the next generation in as good or better shape than you were privledged to have the use of during your lifetime on earth. Follow our sister Maine blog posts.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers