Maine, It's Not Like Back In Jersey, Jersey, Jersey.
Maine, It's Not Like Back In Jersey, Jersey, Jersey.

If you relocate, retire, invest in Maine and move here, let’s establish a few ground rules.

Absitively, postituvelly do not go on and on about back in Jersey, or when you lived in California, etc. You are in Maine now. Some of the earlier references that come up continuously could be because you miss traffic, crime, pollution of your old place on the planet?

If the motivation to do the show and tell and on and on about your old state is to impress someone, that won’t work here. Mainers are down to earth, community and family centered. And not in to being easily impressed, wooed by your new European car, imported this or that. If it is insecurity that prompts the laundry list of your accomplishments, your material and financial wealth, we understand. But slowly, one by one all that won’t matter. You won’t need to be a name or label dropper. The spell from that kind of dog and pony does not cast here.

Maine is simple, clean, real and not spun. It is not man made. Four seasons outdoor recreation with widlife infested woods, less wear and tear on those trails is the rule, not exception. Hiking to places you can not get to by car, where man is not commercializing for profit is possible here. Everywhere in Maine.

So when you visit on vacation to Maine, if you buy property for full or part time use, leave your old over populated state and the ways to survive there there. Maine, she’s simple, healthy, will steal your heart. You are going to find just as long a laundry list of what we don’t have that you don’t need and prompted your consideration of Maine in the first place remember?

Those high property taxes, insurance and cost of living back in Jersey, New York, wherever the concrete urban jungle surroundings should, need to stay back there.

In your rear view mirror, left behind when you skiddadled from wherever you hung your hat last. Remember why you moved, longed for what Maine offers up here in the right hand corner of the country. That is key, and replaces what prompted the move down country.

We operate a lot leaner, simpler, and take money…the need for lots of it right out of the equation in our day to day. Add that to the four season beauty, the fewer people, lack of crime, traffic, pollution and now you get it. Are tuned in to the same wave length, story line, signal and watching the same smoke signal roll by over head.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers