Doing His Job, On A Mission Of Honey.
Doing His Job, On A Mission Of Honey.

When you live in a small Maine town, that community is vibrant, full of spirit and pride because you are a volunteer.

Working on local events, active in your Maine church, a youth sports booster or coach. The fun is the community, the connection and working together for the common good of the community in the part of Maine you hail from. But whether you are from Bethel or Wallagrass Plantation, West Buxton Or Amity Maine, the same way we roll applies anywhere in Maine.

The fun, recreational outlets here don’t have price tags of different sizes attached to them. The peace and contentment, joy is the natural beauty surrounding you when you are in Maine. Less people mean more space, a guarantee of more of the same day and and out. The community suppers for a cancer stricken local, one you don’t really know but kind of feel connected to thru a brother, or a neighbor related to her. You worry, say a prayer for him or her. Concern for others, awareness of others in the villiage. That is Maine.

And kids. Kids are king.

Smaller population here, but moms, dads, family traveling from two hours away in all directions to be part of the friendly, spirited competition. Family, the great outdoors, work ethic to pitch in. Complain less, do more. Maine keeps it simple, but enjoys so much from the rock bound coast lines and harbor life. To rolling Aroostook County potato fields, to blueberry farming Downeast. And everything in between from Portland’s old port section of shops, the attractions in Bar Harbor, the skiing at Sunday River, Sugarloaf, and a slew of smaller mountains.

Maine, get here quick as you can. Make her part of your day to day.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers