Maine Is One Big State With Lots Of Vacation Elbow Room
Maine Is One Big State With Lots Of Vacation Elbow Room

Maine is blessed with thousands of lakes, thousands of islands.

And any lake over 20 acres in Maine has a public landing. Sometimes there are so many lakes in an area of Maine to enjoy that it is not critical to have the location of each and every public access. With 11 people per square mile in Aroostook County, Northern Maine, it’s not as critical to know each and every one. It’s not like Disney and all those people waiting in line for a hour and a half for the Space Mountain ride.

Many of those landings are concrete ramped, very easy in and out situations to quickly get you on the water. You will also noticed signs about milfoil…evasive plant vegetation to avoid getting dropped in your lake at any costs from a boat prop. Or brought in on a float plane pontoon.

If you are planning a vacation, Maine has the invitiation, label stamped on every license plate. Vacationland means all you have to do is get here.

All the fun, recreation is all around you in Maine.

Camping at our 30 state parks, camp grounds around the state make for high value memory making family trips, coupled with low cost actual cash outlay. I’m President of the Drews Lake Property Owners Association and pretty proud of our boat landing, dam that we bought for a dollar from the state to take over assuring this easy, safe access. Check out our Drews Lake Maine Tumblr site.
Maine, get here quick as you can.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers