Maine Is Fewer People, More 4 Season Scenery. Plain And Simple Beauty.
Maine Is Fewer People, More 4 Season Scenery. Plain And Simple Beauty.

Maine is a state blessed with interesting places and intriguing people.

And emphasis on more unspoiled hidden spots, way way less people. So in the summer in Maine, what is there to do for fun, recreation? Have to start with a question because you are not just traveling here for the day. Way way too much to do in a few hours in a state as big as Maine, this dynamic.

The question is “what is your idea of camping”? Is it a half million dollar land yatch bigger than most people’s homes, with a Mercedes or Land Rover in toll. Big, flashing with air conditioning, satellite television, pull outs to make it even bigger?

Or is camping mean you, a back pack, rolled up sleeping bag, ground mat, some food and sleeping under the stars at a state park like Baxter where Mt Katahdin and all those hiking trails await your inspection? Or maybe somewhere in between, say a Maine log cabin on a lake with loons singing or crying depending on the day, night, your perspective?

Because you are here to kayak, fish, bike, hike or just eat Maine seaford from live fresh lobsters, steamed clams from a coastal pound, you need to stay somewhere. Oh, forgot to mention the slew of bed and breakfasts, old fashioned yesteryear inns, victorians where you can shut your eyes, lay your head down to prepare, energize for another day.

So whether you want to white water raft a rifer, go whale watching or to add to your Maine photo collection of rock bound coastal lighthouses, where you stay, where and how you sleep is part of the intial query to determine what you might like to do. The place you stay in Maine, complements the surroundings you find yourself in. Maine is one big state parked up here in the right hand corner of the country. So far north, some would argue we are really in Canada. Or should be.

The state of Maine official tourism site lists several what to do for fun in Vacationland options. Our Discover Northern Maine tourist site helps with images, links, information to get you up to speed about the place, the state too. Or maybe just ME images, over 1200 of them played one at a time can help you decide on your option for fun the next trip to Maine.

So your stay, trip, vacation to Maine and what to fill your days and evenings doing for distraction, fun depends first on where would you like to stay.

And just what is your idea of camping, how you define the word because in Maine, there are options.

Many choices from hidden woods lodges, hand built log cabins to ocean view pent houses. Or just bring your tent, some food and keep it simple camping at a the over 30 Maine state parks. Cooking, grilling on an open fire, with family, loved ones, friends experiencing all Maine has to offer surrounding you. Maine, get here as quick, as often as you can.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers