Casting, Enjoying Maine Fishing..Just One Recreational Option.
Casting, Enjoying Maine Fishing..Just One Recreational Option.

Maine license plates have “vacationland” stamped on every one and when you live here, our backyard is hundreds of acres of woodland, or rolling fields, or waterways to explore.

Or our neighbor is a Maine lake, complete with jumping fish, singing loons, laughing kids in a small boat exploring that clean water resource. Unspoiled, four seasons, fewer but way way friendlier people..that is Maine. I am one of the biggest fans and that is why I live, work, raise a family here.

So every Maine real estate broker, small business owner has to wear a hat with pride to show the outside world thru say this MeInMaine blog portal what Maine is like. To showcase the state to folks that have never been lucky enough to even visit “Vacationland”. So we post over 1200 photos on a Maine Flickr site. Shoot, edit, upload Maine community videos of local ME canoe races, skiing at Sugarloaf, Big Rock ski areas and blog about anything, everything Maine. This years Maine Soap Box Derby Race is in Houlton Maine. Got that covered with sites we host, videos we post, blogs we write in, feed.

But the partnership with the Maine Tourism Association we are a member of is critical to stream line this information broadcast. To get the quality of Maine out to folks looking for a seasonal event to taste, sample or consider relocation, retirement to Maine. Here are some images courtesy of the site. We also make sure to get the events like the Maine Soap Box Derby racing event listed, updated too.

There’s a song about if you are happy and you know it, clap your hands.

The guy who wrote that happy camper song must have lived in Maine, been here when it was created, felt, put on paper.

And with 90 percent of folks going on line for a product, service, to find events in an area as big as Maine, there are many new avenues to spread the word in the global village. Check out the .

Consider Maine to vacation in, to provide a hidden retirement spot. A nesting spot, neat state to relocate to for all ages. I’m a big personal fan. Ask me lots of questions about why I live here. Get the Maine facts, the FAQ straight answers here.

I’m Maine Realtor Andrew Mooers, ME Real Estate Broker