Maine Governor..Lots Of Folks Lined Up, Vying For The Job.
Maine Governor..Lots Of Folks Lined Up, Vying For The Job.

The field of Maine gubernatorial candiates..those men and women who want to live in the Blaine house. To be governor of this state Of Maine way way up in the right hand corner of the nation.

The phone calls of pre-recorded rhetoric, promises, campaign platform plank positions are coming in with intensity as primaries approach, the campaigns drag on.

And when you look over the emails, the social media web 2.0 claims, insertions along with the direct mail propaganda for the Maine governor’s race, something strikes home. The fact that all of the candidates have common agendas, simple common sense approaches to problem in Maine state government, life in the Pine Tree state.

The promises made in the glossy circulars that the mail lady here in Houlton Maine is going to get a hernia from carrying the extra campaign load poundage, tonnage. Here is some of the wisdom anyone able to vote in Maine is getting hit with, hearing without spelling out the candiate or endorsing the author of the wisdom being broadcast, circulated, promoted.

“June 8th, Tuesday, vote to fix Maine’s economy”. Who would not want to do a tightening up, crusing the facility and looking for slack of Augusta’s nuts, bolts, mechanics? “Politicians in Augusta have forgotten where all the money comes from”. It boils down to spending other people’s money is not so much fun when it runs out thinking.

“Cut the state of Maine bureaucracy”, “Get the facts, learn the truth, decide for yourself” makes you think someone is pulling your leg. Not being totally honest and here’s a guy, gal to set the record straight. Get everything out in the open. If the candidate is highly educated, or did not work in the private sector, some Maine voters will come away with this gubernatorial candidate is over qualified. Out of touch with the average blue collar worker.

And may never have made what they term “an honest dollar” outside the public sector that is perceived too big, wasteful, slow and Goliath like. Not David sling shot effective, accurate, speedy.

“Competence, Character, Accountability” are all qualities you want in anyone you deal with right? So playing the integrity card when maybe not all politicians are perceived as straight arrow pure and noble seems standard lingo to weave in to the message for some Maine Governor wannabees too.

But if all boils down that if government is too big and wasteful, if change of any type is welcomed, embraced from dissatisfied voters, tax payers, why hasn’t something been reined in, tweaked by the present folks in Augusta? The crowd holding down the senate, house, governorship seats already? All of them seem bright, involved. All got elected by Maine voters who thought they could serve them, represent them to get the job done.

Replacing the players with new ones knowing everyone on board already is trying hard. Up to speed involved. Is not dumb, wants the best for the state right? Makes you wonder when considering which boxes to check off behind the voter’s polling place curtain for the new regime players why is change going to make a difference if the system is flawed from within?

A leader, governor, with perception as someone with enthusiasm, vigor, creativity and folks around him/her with the same over the top excitement to get the state of Maine ship shape is a wonderful concept. But why does a new lead reindeer, the trickle down government dog and pony process guarantee anything different? Why doesn’t change, improvement come from within already?

And are all the promises to do this, this and fix that to unburden the small business operator, the local tax payer just wishful thinking? Words from someone outside looking in on what needs to be done but not explaining why any one with common sense now serving is not already doing the best that can be done, implementing what seems so obvious?

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers