Making Our Own Fun In Maine Is a Local Volunteer Operation..Like ME Soap Box Derby Car Racing.
Making Our Own Fun In Maine Is a Local Volunteer Operation..Like ME Soap Box Derby Car Racing.

Living in Maine, when you move here full time or have a second home for part time enjoyment of “Vacationland”, your whole outlook changes to a simpler platform.

For starters, moving to Maine is not to make giant salaries, to wine and dine and to impress anyone. Maine is for folks that don’t want to bother anyone, or to be bothered by a sea of people. Northern Maine, Aroostook County is 11 people per square mile. That is elbow room. Means we don’t lock doors, don’t have to take the keys out of the vehicle, the car or truck in the door yard.

When you are in Maine, your fun is not tied to how much you spend on it. It does not propotionately translate in to how memorable the event, the entertainment is. Pick any of the four seasons in Maine. And the fun is being outdoors, seeing wildlife up close and personal, being on a Maine lake, river, something water related. The experience is a fire, cooking on it, with the back drop unspoiled Maine. Or your free time is spent hiking a hill, trail, mountain and just being humbled by the vastness of Maine.

Hate to say it but man here has not messed the place up. Maine is less people and the ones we have respect the place, give the real estate, property to their kids in as good or better shape then they got it.

Good stewardship and not a scorch earth policy of eat, drink and be merry. Easy, down to earth, lower key.

This pace could drive someone from an urban area nuts. Not stuck in traffic, not overwhelmed with noise. The smells of a city replaced with pine trees, the roar of horns, engines racing, people hollering sounds with lake loons singing. Sometimes all you hear is quiet. Maybe a cricket, the breeze in the leaves..a slight rustle but nothing highway related, man created.

Maine, it’s an adjustment but you start living again in a way you had forgotten existed. Simple. Getting back to basics of what is important. What you need in your day to day, what has been missing you had gotten away from. Healthy, not heavily mortgaged or loaned on at all. Free and clear. Owned outright. No worries. Maine, get the smile you had back on your face and relax. Get back to the land, become more self sufficient, happier within yourself here in Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers